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Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. Patriotic Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the History Buff in Your Life

    Statue of Abraham Lincoln Chocolates, flowers, and hearts are what people typically think of when discussing potential Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. However, if you have an intellectual old soul in your life that loves all things history related, choose something they will truly appreciate.
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  2. Inauguration Party Décor Ideas

    Front of the United States White House It comes around every four years: the presidential inauguration. If you’re just an average citizen who doesn’t have an inaugural ball ticket in hand, you can still enjoy the evening’s festivities with your own inauguration party. By celebrating at home with the historical inauguration playing in the background, your family and friends can have a fun and history-filled evening.
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  3. The History of the Christian Flag

    The Christian flag is regularly displayed outside of buildings and churches, and in classrooms, but few realize its important history and significance dating back to hundreds of years ago. The flag is typically seen and used in Latin America, North America, and Africa, and it represents Christianity and its community and values.
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  4. The Flag of the U.S. Army

    Since the 1700s, the United States Army has been an extremely valuable and necessary part of the United States of America. The Army’s principal duty is to fight in military occupation as well as battles occurring on land.
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  5. State Spotlight: California

    Golden Gate Bridge For most of its history, California has been a dream that people chase looking for an opportunity at a new life in one form or another.  People came to the territory of California in a push for freedom and expansion, then for gold, and finally fame. Today, California offers vast opportunities for those seeking a new start and different dreams for people to follow.  But, first, it started with a flag, a group of people looking for a change, and the dream of new land.
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  6. Made in the USA: 50 Products from 50 States

    made-in-the-usa With more and more manufacturers moving production overseas, it’s more important than ever to support local economies by buying American made products. Take a look at the list below and find new companies to support in your effort to keep jobs in America.
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  7. Flag of the President of the United States

    Since the birth of our great nation, the American flag has gone through many changes and designs and, though the first president was elected in 1789, there wasn’t an official flag for the Commander in Chief until 1882. Congress then declared that the president was the commander of the army and navy and, with this designation, they needed flags to denote the president’s presence.
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  8. Celebrating Betsy Ross

    Betsy Ross with George Washington and First Flag There is a fine line between history and legend because there is usually a granule or two of truth within the lore. Not to mention, history is only fact in the eyes of the person who wrote it.  Over 240 years ago, we know a woman named Betsy Ross lived in colonial Pennsylvania. Did she stitch the first American flag? Here is what legend and history tell us:
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  9. The Flag of the United States Air Force

    US Air Force Flag The United States Air Force has its origins in the Army Signal Corps, founded as a division in 1907 to pursue aeronautical endeavors. Initially, this mostly meant balloons for reconnaissance purposes, as had been developed during the Civil War, but, by 1914, they had a full aviation division. The progress after that was not spectacular, and the planes the U.S. could field during World War I were quite inferior to the ones that had been developed on the European continent.
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  10. Flying the Flag at Half-Mast

    When you see a flag flying at half-mast, it is natural to wonder, “Who passed away?” Typically, the American flag is flown at half-staff when someone has died, as a mark of respect, but it can also mean distress, to be in mourning, or, in some cases, a salute. This custom traces back to 1612 and an ill-fated mission.
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