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Monthly Archives: February 2017

  1. The Flag of the U.S. Coast Guard

    American coast guard flag flat The U.S. Coast Guard is often forgotten in a discussion of the American military, but they play a vital role in guarding and protecting the waters of the United States. They embark on hundreds of lifesaving search and rescue missions for boaters and sailors in distress. While nearly everyone is familiar with the flags for larger branches of the American military, the Coast Guard flag often goes unrecognized even though it has a long and proud tradition of faithful Americans serving under its banner. US Coast Guard boat at sea
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  2. The Erin Go Bragh Flag

    Most people of Irish descent are very proud of their heritage. Thus, it makes sense they would use a variety of flags to display their pride in the land of Eire or Ireland. One such flag is the Erin Go Bragh flag. The flag features a yellow harp on a green field with the words “Erin Go Bragh.”
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  3. Thin Blue Line Flag and 12 More Ways to Support Law Enforcement

    Blue line flag and 12 more ways to support law enforcement We rely on our police, firefighters, EMTs, and other public service workers to keep our communities safe. Their jobs are difficult and often dangerous, but the brave men and women who take on these duties rarely give them a second thought. With so much unrest recently, now is a great time to show your support for law enforcement and the important role they fill in our communities. We’ve put together a collection of simple gestures to show your appreciation.
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  4. POW/MIA Flag: History and Significance

    POW-MIA flag graphic "you are not forgotten" The United States Armed Forces have engaged in countless battles in defense of the freedom so many of us take for granted. We see coverage of the devastation of war on the news but rarely see information on the members of the military who are captured or missing during these conflicts.
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  5. Maryland State Flag Spotlight

    Maryland state flag graphic The tradition of state flags had begun before states were even states. The colonies used them as a rallying point for groups of militia, and they have been a symbol of state pride ever since. Maryland has one of the most unusual state flags. It stands out from the mostly blue banners of other states and, since Maryland was one of the original colonies, it has a long and rich history represented in its colors.
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  6. Flags of the American Revolution

    Betsy Ross flag on flag pole The Revolutionary War inspired the first sense of American patriotism in those who fought for American independence. Revolutionaries took every step they could to separate themselves and their beloved country from all aspects of British rule. Each colony had their own flag that was used by many militia groups as a battlefield standard, and those flags influence some state flags we still see today. However, there were some flags that grew from a specific regiment or area that have also influenced some of our modern banners.
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