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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. 20 Ways to Show Your American Pride Wherever You Go

    20 Ways to Show Your American Pride Wherever You Go American pride is more than a feeling. It binds us together as citizens of the greatest country in the world and provides common ground for even the most divided groups. Pride in our country isn’t something that should be shelved until July. It can be a part of our everyday lives and a lot of fun to explore on a daily basis.
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  2. Spice Up Your Next Big Occasion with a Custom Banner

    party with custom american flag banner If you’re the type of person who enjoys get-togethers, neighborhood barbeques, and sporting events, there might be one thing missing from your party supplies. Whether it’s a birthday party or a block party, a custom banner can enhance any gathering.
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  3. State Flag Spotlight: The Dazzling Flag of the Grand Canyon State

    Arizona Flag in Monuments Valley, AZ The western United States is, in some ways, still as wild as it was when the first pioneers took their wagons across the country. There are plenty of cities now, but the allure of the west is still the expanses of deserts with their breathtaking sights. Arizona is a stand-out in this attraction, featuring not only the incredible Monument Valley but also the geological phenomenon that give the state its nickname—the Grand Canyon.
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  4. In Honor of National Freedom Day: Fun Facts About the U.S. Flag

    American flag against a blue sky with clouds The flag of the United States of America is a potent symbol recognized around the globe. Over the centuries, it has represented peace, war, unity, rebellion, patriotism, pride, sadness, triumph, and hope. As Americans, we grew up learning about the flag in school and admiring its bright colors and pretty stars fluttering in the breeze during recess.
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  5. How to Keep Your Outdoor Flags Looking Great All Year-Round

    An American home proudly displaying their flag for a patriotic holiday Many Americans take great pride in flying the U.S. flag outside their homes, but they may not realize that it is a serious violation of flag etiquette to display a damaged flag. How long your flag lasts depends on a number of factors, such as the weather, the materials used, and if the flag is hung continuously. So, how do you keep your outdoor flag looking great all year around?
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  6. 8 Ways to Respectfully Display Your American Flag

    The American flag is possibly the most timeless decoration to adorn every U.S. home or business, but, you may not have thought about using it in new, creative ways to spruce up your space in a patriotic manner.
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