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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. Essential Flags and Banners for Baseball Fans

    Baseball stadium, Texas Rangers v. Baltimore Orioles, Dallas, Texas There are many major sports that America takes credit for creating, like basketball and American football. They have extremely large fan bases and popularity that has spread across the globe.
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  2. 10 Ways to Honor Memorial Day as a Family

    honor memorial day family Memorial Day is a day where we take the time to think about our freedom as a country and to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to pay for that freedom.
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  3. Washington State Flag Spotlight: Celebrating the Evergreen State

    state flag of washington flying During his years in office, our first president, George Washington, set an example and a precedent to which our leaders have adhered for generations. Fittingly, the United States pays homage to him in a variety of ways.
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  4. A Patriot's Guide to Retiring an American Flag

    american flag papyrus The American flag will always be an enduring symbol of our history, values and culture. Nonetheless, flags do not last forever. Over time, your flag will become soiled, faded or frayed from exposure to the elements or the passage of time itself. When one or more of these conditions becomes evident, it is every patriot's duty to retire an old flag respectfully. Luckily, there are multiple options for appropriate flag disposal.
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  5. Military Gear to Show Your Support for Patriotic Holidays

    bald eagle overlay american flag America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave for a reason. The constant advancement of our country is due to the men and women who served our country throughout our nation’s history. The sacrifices that they made help ensure that we can maintain all the freedoms that are part and parcel of American citizenship.
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  6. Patriotic Gift Guide for Memorial Day

    stars and stripes memorial flags Memorial Day is fast approaching, and you might be making plans to barbecue and relax on your day off. More importantly, you are honoring and remembering those who served in our military for the freedom we enjoy today.
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  7. 8 Tips for Caring for Your American Flag at Home

    american flag out during springtime It is important to demonstrate respect for the American flag and the nation it represents by adhering to proper flag etiquette. Displaying a worn, tattered flag is a serious violation of this code of respect. Torn, faded flags are inappropriate symbols to represent the strength and valor of the United States. Caring for your American flag properly will ensure that it maintains its splendor for as long as possible.
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