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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. Betsy Ross: Did She Really Design the American Flag?

    The recent controversy about the Betsy Ross 13-Star American Flag gives us a great opportunity to take a look at what we know about Betsy Ross' actual role in sewing the first American flag. 
    The name Betsy Ross is synonymous with the American flag. From the time we first learn history in school, Americans are taught that Betsy Ross sewed the first U.S. flag back in 1776. With its 13 red and white stripes and 13 stars arranged in circle on a field of blue, the Betsy Ross flag was undoubtedly the the first official flag of the U.S. - but was Betsy Ross
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  2. Now they Want to Ban Betsy Ross?

    The historic 13-star Betsy Ross flag has come under fire as a racist symbol and Nike has abruptly cancelled release of a July 4th shoe bearing the flag's design. 

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