Monthly Archives: May 2023

  1. 4th of July Decorations

    Independence Day is fast approaching, so be sure your home is ready with high-quality 4th of July decorations from Our wide selection of traditional and Americana decor is crafted from the highest-quality materials and made in America, so you can display them with pride! We’ve put together a list of seven creative decorating ideas you can use this July 4th that will make Uncle Sam proud and show off your patriotic spirit! 

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  2. NC Memorial Balloon Festival in Louisburg, NC

    Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to kick back with your family. Still, many people forget the true intent of the holiday: to commemorate the millions of Americans who died serving our country.  

    Former NFL Lineman and First Fruits Farm owner Jason Brown wanted to help families remember the holiday's true purpose. That’s why he started the N.C. Memorial Balloon Festival in 2021. The balloon fest, which takes place May 27–28 (now June 3-4 due to rescheduling) in Louisburg, NC, will give families several opportunities to commemorate fallen soldiers while watching hot air balloons fly through the sky.  

    "We're trying to bring back the remembrance of Memorial Day and to honor all of our heroes and those that have fallen," Jason Brown said. "It's not just an event for community

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