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  1. Gold Star Mother's Day

    The last Sunday of September marks a day dedicated to the mothers, fathers, and family members of the country’s fallen military service members, fondly called Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day or National Gold Star Mother’s Day. This blog will provide more information for those interested in supporting Gold Star families. 

    Who Are the Gold Star Mothers? 

    The use of stars to indicate that a family member was fighting in a war dates back to World War I. During this time, families would display a flag with a blue star to show that someone they loved was fighting for their country. Soon, flags with multiple stars became common as more family members went to serve in the war. While the exact origins of this tradition are unknown, those who lost loved ones in the line of duty eventually began displaying a gold star

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  2. American flag for house

    At, one of the most popular questions we receive is, “What flag size should I buy for my house?” While shopping for a flag may seem straightforward, don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the appropriate size for your home. Many people don’t realize that choosing the wrong flag size can shorten the lifespan of both your flagpole and flag or make it look out of place with its surroundings.  

    In our latest blog post, we break down the answer, so you can choose the perfect-sized flag for your needs. Understanding the importance of flag dimensions is one of the best ways to ensure your flag display looks great and lasts longer. 

    What American Flag Size Should I Buy for My Home? 

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