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  1. How to Fold an American Flag for Your Display Case

    Flag folding has multiple benefits, from keeping the U.S. flag safe from damage to displaying it for memorial or honorary purposes. While it may seem simple, there is flag etiquette you must follow to ensure it is folded in the proper way. While you may not fold the national flag every day, understanding the process is essential for anyone who proudly flies the stars and stripes. While there are no set rules laid out in the United States flag code for flag folding, let’s take a look at the generally accepted step-by-step process used within the armed forces and during any official flag folding ceremony. 

    How To Fold An American Flag 

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  2. Order of military flags

    Military flags hold a special place in American's hearts. They are a symbol of sacrifice, valor, and national pride. Knowing the proper order of military flags is crucial for any flag display, whether you're a military veteran, family member, or patriotic citizen. In this article, you will learn the correct order of military flags so you can honor the brave service men and women who dedicate their lives to preserving our country's freedom. 

    How to Determine Order of Military Flags  

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