Monthly Archives: November 2023

  1. American Flag Gifts

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the patriot in your life, nothing beats an American flag. American flag gifts are a keepsake that allows your loved ones to showcase their patriotism and devotion to the U.S.A. Along with displaying American pride, the stars and stripes make beautiful decor in any space, matching all styles and designs. We’ve chosen eight of the best American flag gifts you can give to the special someone in your life. 

    American Flag Gifts for the New (and Old) Homeowner 

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  2. Coins on a grave stone

    If you've ever visited a cemetery, chances are you've seen coins on a headstone. While it may seem strange at first, placing coins on gravestones is a long-standing tradition. Let's take a closer look at the origins of this revered custom and what it means today. 

    Why Do People Leave Coins on a Gravestone? 

    The tradition of leaving mementos on a gravestone is seen throughout history, holding a different meaning within various cultures. For example, in the Jewish religion, a stone is left as a symbol of respect and to indicate the gravesite was visited.  

    For servicemen, the tradition of leaving coins on a headstone dates back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. At the time, it was common practice to place a coin in

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