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  1. 10 Fun Facts About President's Day

    Presidents Day Facts

    President’s Day is a federal holiday marked by a three-day weekend honoring the lives of the forty-six Presidents in American history who have dedicated their lives to the service of our country. While every state in the union except Delaware celebrates President’s Day, many people are unaware of the holiday’s origins and its role in our modern-day lives. Let’s take a closer look and discover ten fun facts about President’s Day you may not have known!

    What is President’s Day?

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  2. Happy MLK Day: Top 7 Martin Luther King Jr Accomplishments

    Martin Luther King JR Accomplishments

    Martin Luther King Jr. is best known as the leader of the civil rights movement, paving the way for equality for men and women of color. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and getting his start as a Baptist minister, King spent his life fighting against segregation and discrimination, spreading a message of hope and acceptance for all, regardless of skin tone. Championing the power of nonviolent protests, Dr. King fought for equal rights for African Americans throughout the nation. While King’s accomplishments are too many to count, let’s take a look at the top seven and how they forever changed the world as we know it. 

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  3. 22 Best Veteran's Day Celebrations Nationwide

    best veterans day celebrations american flag illustration Across the nation, citizens of the USA take the time to recognize those who served in our country’s military. Veteran’s Day is our chance to say “thank you” to our former and current soldiers in a public forum.
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  4. Betsy Ross: Did She Really Design the American Flag?

    The recent controversy about the Betsy Ross 13-Star American Flag gives us a great opportunity to take a look at what we know about Betsy Ross' actual role in sewing the first American flag. 
    The name Betsy Ross is synonymous with the American
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  5. What It Means to Lie in State or Honor

    Members of the public will be able to pay their final respects to Senator and war hero John McCain this week, as he will lie in state in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, a rare and distinguished honor given to few prominent citizens before him.
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  6. American Ales: 7 Veteran-Owned Breweries to Support

    glasses of craft beer Supporting veteran-owned businesses is a great way to honor the brave men and women who have served in the United States military. Show your gratitude to U.S. military veterans by supporting these seven awesome veteran-owned breweries.
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  7. 10 Patriots on What the American Flag Means to Them

    closeup grunge american flag America is rated the most patriotic nation in the world, according to the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center. If you were to ask the service members who sacrificed their safety and watched many of their friends lay down their lives what the flag represents and what it means to them, they would probably try to stand or sit up a little taller and tell you it means everything. Here are just a few things veterans and other patriots have had to say throughout America’s rich history about what its flag means to them.
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  8. Fact or Fiction: Familiar Stories About the Founding Fathers and Past Presidents

    historic painting george washington The Founding Fathers are celebrated and, you might say, revered by most Americans. Americans are naturally interested in the founding of the nation whose flag they wave and hearing stories about the men and women responsible its foundation. Because of this, many familiar stories have been told about them. Some of the stories are true, some of them are apocryphal, but which ones are which?
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  9. Bringing the Past to Life – 18 Engaging American History Lessons

    history class blackboard History has never been one of the most popular topics in school for most students. The thought of needing to memorize a page full of facts and dates is enough to give the shudders to even the most stoic of students. How many times did a history teacher hear, “But why can’t history be fun?”
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  10. Best American History Picture Books for Young Children

    library shelf childrens books Getting your child excited about history starts with reading to them at a young age. With a myriad of books about history, there are so many excellent books to pick from. Each of these books will spark your child’s imagination, as well as give them a small sense of pride as they begin to understand the country they are a part of.
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