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American Heritage

  1. Patriot Spring Break Trips: The Best Military Museums in America

    patriot spring break trips military museumsSpring break vacation is an excellent time to visit museums honoring all those who have served in our military. With the weather warming up, visitors can take advantage of walking and touring the various military tribute venues across our country.
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  2. Colorado State Flag – Spotlight on the Centennial State

    colorado state flag waving outdoors Colorado is well known for many things – skiing in the Rocky Mountains, the Mile-High city of Denver and the incredible colleges in towns such as Boulder and Colorado Springs. The landscape matches the diversity of the state’s attractions. Visitors can explore the arid desert of Mesa Verde National Park, then go up to Aspen to enjoy world-class snow sports.
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  3. In Honor of National Freedom Day: Fun Facts About the U.S. Flag

    American flag against a blue sky with clouds The flag of the United States of America is a potent symbol recognized around the globe. Over the centuries, it has represented peace, war, unity, rebellion, patriotism, pride, sadness, triumph, and hope. As Americans, we grew up learning about the flag in school and admiring its bright colors and pretty stars fluttering in the breeze during recess.
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  4. Beautifying Your Town with Novelty Flags This Winter

    Novelty flags are a fantastic way to bring a sense of vibrancy, energy, and fun to your town. Many resort and beach communities use novelty flags to spruce up their community and give visitors and residents something to enjoy.

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  5. New Year's Parades: Ring in 2018 with Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl Parades

    's Parades Ring in 2018 with Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl ParadesWhat better way to start the New Year than watching football and enjoying the annual New Year’s Day parades! Whether you see the events in person or on TV, you and your family can begin the New Year with some entertaining and exciting American traditions.
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  6. Hardy American Flags Tough Enough for Inclement Weather

    Outdoor American flags should be tough, colorfast, and ready to handle anything the weather throws their way, but not all flags are designed for outdoor applications. If you want to be able to fly your flag year-round in the outdoors, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing all-weather flags that are able to handle extreme temperatures and UV exposure. This guide will help you determine which outdoor U.S.A. flags are most appropriate for your needs.

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  7. Home of the Brave: 22 Best Veteran's Day Celebrations

    best veterans day celebrations american flag illustrationAcross the nation, citizens of the USA take the time to recognize those who served in our country’s military. Veteran’s Day is our chance to say “thank you” to our former and current soldiers in a public forum.
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  8.  Valley Forge Flags: What Makes Quality American Flags

    Closeup of ruffled American flag It takes a lot of experience, knowledge and care to make a quality American flag. American flags symbolize patriotism, the constitution, sacrifice and so much more. Flags mean different things to different people, but all agree that it represents our country.
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  9. Show of Faith: Our Best-Selling Presidential Memorabilia

    There is a billion-dollar industry surrounding presidential memorabilia. Though we’ve only had 45 Presidents, collectors are enthusiastic about a broad range of items connected to the office of the President, including artwork, flags, coins, signatures, pens and more. The older the item is, the more likely it is to be valuable.

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  10. Presents for Patriots: 15 Veteran’s Day Gift Ideas

    Buying gifts can be tough. So, it’s no surprise that selecting a gift specifically for a veteran is not any easier. However, you can put your mind at ease because we’ve done the work for you. Below is a list compiled of great gift ideas for the incredible veteran in your life.

    1. Military Coin Display
      Silhouette of Soldier on the United States flag at sunset This item is at the top of our list because it is a great place to start if your veteran loves challenge coins and has collected them throughout his or her military career. Challenge coins instill pride in those who carry them, represent service achievements and capture the very essence of the military. Nothing would make veterans happier than to show
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