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Patriotic Decorating

  1. Purple Heart Day: How Small Communities and Big Cities Plan to Honor Wounded Warriors

    purple heart medal General George Washington created Purple Heart Day in 1782 as a badge of military merit for soldiers who had been wounded during “any singularly act of meritorious action.” The soldier would be presented this badge, their name would be inscribed in the “Book of Merit” along with their regiment and they would be publicly recognized for their valor.
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  2. What it Takes to Earn an ISO Flag

    businessman waving flag An ISO flag flying proudly outside your business demonstrates to your customers your dedication to best practice. To fly an ISO flag, you’ll first need to get certified. Today, we’re going to talk about what it takes to earn an ISO flag so that you can begin the process.
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  3. Cornhusker Colors: Symbols in the Nebraska State Flag

    nebraska flag waving The flag is one of the most widely recognized and proudly displayed state symbols. The wide open, blue skies over the plains of Nebraska are the perfect backdrop for proud Cornhuskers to fly their state flag.
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  4. Outdoor Decorations for Summer Solstice

    Summertime is marked by hot days and warm nights, cookouts and outdoor get-togethers. The days of summer are long. In fact, they are some of the longest of the year. The summer solstice occurs on Thursday, June 21, and many people celebrate this longest day of the year.

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  5. Patriotic Decorations for Independence Day

    Independence Day is the epitome of summer celebration in America. For the majority of the American population, July Fourth invoke visions of red, white and blue, stars and stripes, cookouts and fireworks. These are quintessential holiday trimmings that make the feel like the celebration of America that it is.

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  6. Military Gear to Show Your Support for Patriotic Holidays

    bald eagle overlay american flag America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave for a reason. The constant advancement of our country is due to the men and women who served our country throughout our nation’s history. The sacrifices that they made help ensure that we can maintain all the freedoms that are part and parcel of American citizenship.
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  7. 8 Tips for Caring for Your American Flag at Home

    american flag out during springtime It is important to demonstrate respect for the American flag and the nation it represents by adhering to proper flag etiquette. Displaying a worn, tattered flag is a serious violation of this code of respect. Torn, faded flags are inappropriate symbols to represent the strength and valor of the United States. Caring for your American flag properly will ensure that it maintains its splendor for as long as possible.
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  8. State Flag Spotlight: The Sweet Flag of South Carolina

    sc flag sky background The flags of each of our 50 states are each very meaningful — full of symbols of the history and pride of the citizens living there. While many of these flags are well known only to state residents, there are a few state flags that generate instant recognition.
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  9. Patriotic Decorations to Honor Naval Reserves Day

    united states army reserve seal The approach of Naval Reserves Day is a call to action for patriots to show their support of this honored corps. The U.S. Naval Reserve, as it is known today, was established on August 29, 1916, as World War I waged its way across the Eastern hemisphere. The brave men and women of the Reserves stand on guard at home, ready to respond when called up during times of national crisis — a duty that now stands at over a century old. Their slogan: Ready then. Ready now. Ready always.
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  10. MLB Flags: Get Ready for Spring Training

    aerial view MLB field Baseball spring training starts in just a few weeks. Why not celebrate the beginning of another year of what has been dubbed America’s favorite pastime by displaying your Major League Baseball (MLB) flag?
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