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State Flag Information

  1. History of the Colorado State Flag

    ColoradoThe Colorado State Flag was added to the state on June 5th, 1911, and developed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson. A large letter “C” in the color red is two thirds the distance across the flag. The middle part of the “C” is gold and the foundation of the flag has three stripes, the middle stripe is white and the outside stripes are blue.The colors that were chosen for the flag are to highlight the natural elements that can be found in the state. The blue stripes represent Colorado’s blue skies. The white stripe is for the mountains that are covered in snow. The gold in the center of the “C” highlights the many sunshiny days and the red symbolizes the soil. Controversy occurred in 1929 regarding the colors used and in 1964 a disagreement occurred over the size of the letter. These issues were solved by the General Assembly.
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  2. Cornhusker Colors: Symbols in the Nebraska State Flag

    nebraska flag waving The flag is one of the most widely recognized and proudly displayed state symbols. The wide open, blue skies over the plains of Nebraska are the perfect backdrop for proud Cornhuskers to fly their state flag.
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  3. State Flag of Utah – Legacy of the Beehive State

    Flag of Utah state of the United States The state of Utah conjures up quite a few images in the minds of most Americans: Salt Lake City and its beautiful sights, stunning National Parks and strong professional sports. Only a true native Utahan would cite the state’s nickname — the Beehive State. The beehive is more symbolic than literal, but it’s an example of the pride the residents of Utah have in their state and its symbols, like the state flag.
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  4. State Flag Spotlight: The Sweet Flag of South Carolina

    sc flag sky background The flags of each of our 50 states are each very meaningful — full of symbols of the history and pride of the citizens living there. While many of these flags are well known only to state residents, there are a few state flags that generate instant recognition.
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  5. City Flag of Denver: The Symbol of the Mile High City

    denver co flag The city flag of Denver has a rich, unique history dating to 1926. Red mountain shapes capped with white symbolizing snow atop the mountain range with a blue sky and yellow sun make up this simple but striking flag.
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  6. Colorado State Flag – Spotlight on the Centennial State

    colorado state flag waving outdoors Colorado is well known for many things – skiing in the Rocky Mountains, the Mile-High city of Denver and the incredible colleges in towns such as Boulder and Colorado Springs. The landscape matches the diversity of the state’s attractions. Visitors can explore the arid desert of Mesa Verde National Park, then go up to Aspen to enjoy world-class snow sports.
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  7. State Flag Spotlight: The Dazzling Flag of the Grand Canyon State

    Arizona Flag in Monuments Valley, AZ The western United States is, in some ways, still as wild as it was when the first pioneers took their wagons across the country. There are plenty of cities now, but the allure of the west is still the expanses of deserts with their breathtaking sights. Arizona is a stand-out in this attraction, featuring not only the incredible Monument Valley but also the geological phenomenon that give the state its nickname—the Grand Canyon.
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  8. State Flag of Kentucky – The Bluegrass State

    Kentucky (USA) flag waving on the wind Each state in the United States of America has many symbols that were adopted as the state established itself and the residents gained pride in their home. Every resident may not be familiar with their state’s flower or the state bird, but the state flag inspires a kind of pride that inhabits long-time residents and recent transplants. Kentucky is no exception, with a proud banner that flies over thousands of homes and buildings across the Bluegrass State.
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  9. What a Peach: The State Flag of Georgia

    The state flag of Georgia may not be quite as famous as, say, the California or South Carolina state flag, but it’s no less meaningful to Georgians. This flag, officially called Georgia Stars and Bars, features a three-stripe design with red, white, and blue stripes plus a blue canton in the top right corner.

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  10. How Ohio Chose the Swallowtail Flag

    Over the years, the Ohio swallowtail flag continues to remain unique amongst U.S. flags — especially considering it is the only non-rectangular state flag.

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