creative ways to decorate with flags

Flags signify the heartbeat of our nation and honor its rich history. While there's no doubt that they invoke pride, they're also a great patriotic home decor choice. Whether you're decorating for the holidays, planning a special event, or looking to update your home, creating a beautiful flag display is a great place to start! In this blog, we've gathered some of the top flag display ideas to inspire your creativity and celebrate the stars and stripes.  

Creative ways to display flags

1. Place in Flower Planters

Planters are one of the best ways to add brightness and color to your home, so why not use them to create a DIY flag display? They're popular outdoor decor, but did you know planters look great inside, too? Place them in the living room, by the front door, or anywhere you want to spruce up a space. 

A fun idea is to coordinate your flower colors with your flag. For extra flair, choose large or small stick flags based on your planter's size. If you prefer more unique arrangements, consider using a large vase and filling it with pebbles or sand for a beachy feel. The U.S. flag is the perfect addition to your planters and a great way to show your pride in America. is proud to offer a wide selection of quality U.S. stick flags that you can use in many unique ways. These handheld flags are perfect for displaying during holidays like the Fourth of July, Flag Day, and Memorial Day, as well as during parades and festivals. 

Creative ways to display flags - hang from your balcony

2. Hang From Your Balcony

When you think of quintessential America, there's nothing more iconic than hanging an American flag from a balcony, porch, or banister. It's common to see the American flag hanging during patriotic holidays like Independence Day, but this decor option is perfect year-round. 

For a unique twist, why not hang a Betsy Ross or fan flag instead of the traditional ensign? You don't have to stick to just one flag; hanging three or four in a row is an excellent way to make a statement. Hanging the American Flag isn't just a great way to decorate your home; it also works well for the office. Make any outdoor space special with this attractive decor idea. 

Pro-Tip: Follow proper flag etiquette by making sure the blue field is on the upper left side of the observer or the flag's own right side when hung vertically or horizontally. 

Patriotic centerpiece

3. Add to Centerpieces

Use your favorite flags to add life to your centerpieces. Celebrate your favorite holidays like the Fourth of July or honor our country's heroes with Armed Forces ensigns like the Army or Navy flag. Place stick flags inside flower bouquets or use stickers to accentuate vases and candles. You'll have the nicest tabletop on the block that showcases your patriotism and American pride. 

Creative ways to display flags - line your driveway

4. Line Your Pathways/Driveways 

Take your curb appeal to the next level by lining your driveway and pathways with beautiful American flags. Stick flags are the perfect choice since they're small and compact yet make a big statement. Your front yard will stand out from the rest with an impressive line of flags welcoming guests. 

Don't forget about your flower beds and landscaping; U.S.A. flags look great here, too! You can even incorporate them into your kid's play areas for an easy way to add color and fun. offers lightweight cotton U.S. mounted flags that are perfect for upping your curb appeal. They feature a natural wooden staff and gold spear topper and are always proudly made in the U.S.A! 

American flag on wall

5. Pair with Table Bases

Table bases are the perfect way to display stick flags in any location. offers our exclusive mini flag base, which is ideal for creating historical flag displays or honoring all branches of the Armed Forces. These sturdy bases hold up to seven 4" x 6" flags and look great on bookshelves, in offices, and in classrooms. Whether you're displaying the American flag or pairing a world flag to celebrate your heritage, you can't go wrong with our durable table bases. 

6. Hang on Your Wall

Using a flag as decor doesn't have to be complicated; you can make any room look beautiful by hanging it on the wall. Flags make stunning wall art, whether you use one or multiple. You can even drape them over your headboard for another unique way to showcase your favorite ensign. For a more formal look, consider framing your flag. 

American flag wreath

7. Adorn Wreaths 

Mini flags fit perfectly into indoor and outdoor wreaths. American flag wreaths are excellent gifts for the patriot in your life and are an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any space. 

American flag on ceiling

8. Drape From the Ceiling

Draping flags from the ceiling is a popular display option and is used by many government agencies like the United Nations. It's the perfect way to showcase multiple flags at once without the need for expensive hardware. While it looks great in a bedroom, this method is also ideal for businesses and offices. Use flags over individual aisles or as a way to celebrate multiple heritages. 

Spearhead flag holder

9. Mix and Match with Spearhead Flag Holders 

Create a custom flag display by mixing and matching flags with a spearhead flag holder. This handy hardware mounts on the wall and holds five mini flags simultaneously. There's limitless possibilities, and you can let your creativity run wild. 

America flag decor

10. Add Whimsey with Pennant Strings 

Pennant strings make decorating fun. Hang them on the porch, on stairways, or anywhere you want to add a bit of fun. They're the perfect decor for holidays and add instant patriotism to any event. 

American flag for car

11. Celebrate with Car Flags 

Car flags are the perfect way to showcase your patriotism. offers both economy car flags and premium car flags to fit any budget so you can decorate your vehicle with pride. They work well on golf carts, sedans, SUVs, and more but aren't recommended for use at high speeds. These flags are perfect for showing pride during parades or adding flair to a stationary vehicle.  

Note on Flag Etiquette 

While the American flag makes a beautiful decor option, it's important to follow proper flag etiquette when displaying it. The flag should never touch the ground, water, or any surface beneath it. With outdoor flag displays, this is especially important since the flag could fall if it's not secured correctly. 

When you're displaying the flag against the wall or window, the blue union should be on the observer's left, NOT the observer's right. This rule goes for whenever the flag is hung vertically or horizontally. You should always display the flag entirely, and it shouldn't be torn, cut, or folded so the whole ensign isn't visible. 

Finally, you should dispose of the flag properly when you no longer want to display it. View our resource page for more information on flag etiquette.  

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