crayons-and-american-flag-drawing The American flag is a very popular subject for crafting. There is, of course, some controversy regarding whether a particular medium is suitable for creating one, or even whether using an American flag is appropriate in the first place. The Flag Code states that the flag should not be used in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner, which is implied insofar as disposable or edible items featuring the flag. It should not be desecrated (in this case, written on or cut up), nor worn as clothing, used as bedding, or as a receptacle. Note also that the Flag Code doesn’t specify the materials used to make a flag, which means that anything with the elements of the flag – the stars and stripes in the approximate colors – is to be treated as a flag in all respects, including disposal and display. So, there are some issues for many people concerning a strict interpretation of the Code wherein any craft is a violation. However, the Code provides no method for enforcement nor punishment. It also implies that civilians are exempt from the Code, anyway, or at least need only follow it voluntarily. american-flag-styled That said, a craft displayed in public is subject to the opinions and judgments of people who may not be aware of this aspect of the Code, so there may be some explanations in your future. The main point of the Flag Code is to ensure that the flag is treated respectfully, as an aid to patriotism, so your crafts should, at the least, try to adhere to this doctrine. In the end, you must make the decision about what crafts are appropriate for your beliefs and principles, and understand that other people may have different thresholds. All right! Let’s look at some crafts! Pinterest, as you might expect, has a vast clearinghouse of images and links to craft projects featuring the American flag. Here’s the search page, and then we’ll get to individual pages with individual crafts. US flag DIY art

A pallet, such as you might find at a shipping company, repainted as an American flag. Something of an advanced project insofar as the precision depicted.


More “inspired by the flag” than “using a flag” lanterns made from mason jars, such as you might find in the basement of someone who preserves their peaches and pickles. Maybe yours!


This is more of a building-block project, letting you make five-pointed stars, such as are required by the current design of the flag, out of paper or fabric.

patriotic plaque from beads

This uses Perler beads, tiny colored plastic beads you fuse together with heat to make flat sculptures.


Many communities don’t allow firecrackers. This craft gives a bit of fun back to those communities, at least if you’re not the one cleaning up the confetti after the fun.


An even lower-cleanup craft for no-fireworks communities.


Who doesn’t like sidewalk chalk? More stars!

US flag clothespin wreath

Rustic and elegant at the same time, plus it gives you something to do with all those spring-loaded clothespins people apparently still have plenty of.


This falls under clothing, but it’s pretty abstract and it’s on a little kid who got to help make it, so it should be perfectly fine.

 usa stick flag

A tiny flag for a tiny child who is super into the American flag. Adorable.


The picture doesn’t show an American flag but these could very easily be adapted to do so. Very clever.


For slightly older children.

patriotic sign from duct tape

Duct tape crafts are increasingly popular. Here’s an entire flag, abstracted here, but you could certainly make one that’s more accurate.


More foodstuffs? Okay, simple stripes imply the flag but no one is going to fight you on this. Also, yum.


Similar in execution to the stained glass collage, #11, but more advanced. Stars are a perennial favorite for patriotic-themed crafts.


Another pseudo fireworks display, this one with beads but still using pipe cleaners. We were especially fond of the blue star-shaped beads interwoven in.

 american flag in edible fireworks

Again, the flag should not be used as foodstuffs, which is why this project only reminds you of the flag rather than evoking it directly. Also fitting in the firework-substitute category, so you could pretty nearly have an entire evening’s worth of festivities without a single bruised eardrum!


Same site, similar idea, but more advanced. Still uses Pop Rocks, though; maybe they’re getting a kickback? Who can say?


Simple and classic-looking, requires some very basic metalworking techniques but the results are worth it.


A very cute coin bank, suitable for medium kids, especially ones who are going around collecting for charities.

indoor flag

A classy wall hanging, suitable for older kids, teens, or really any kid who can swing a hammer and is willing to stay away while sanding is going on.


You don’t know anybody who doesn’t like windsocks. Nobody does. These are upcycled tin cans (well, they’re not really tin these days, but you know what we mean) and heavy satin ribbon.

flag set star candies

Marshmallows, so there shouldn’t need to be any further justification for this project, but it’s also quick and a good background project for kids to help with during party planning.


A simple project with a cute approach to the star field; the pictured version is mounted to a magnet suitable for displaying on the refrigerator.

indoor flag legos

A somewhat larger simple craft for slightly older kids; this one is mounted to the wall with a gold ribbon.


A more abstractly styled flag, suitable for a somewhat more advanced crafter or an ambitious preteen.


Another tee shirt with an abstracted flag for a small child, this one is composed of upcycled fabrics that the child has outgrown. A simple project for people who arecomfortable with sewing, a heart-rending complex project for people who think sewing is what farmers do first thing in the spring.

lawn chair patriotic sign

A crib mattress that no longer meets safety requirements upcycled into a dramatic display flag. Advanced, but quite striking.


Showcasing the first section in the picture below; the proportions and the deepness of the colors really make this project work well. The beans come in those colors, seriously.

flag set on wood

Finally, we wrap up with a reverse-painted flag in a windowpane, used as a display flag. Rustic-looking and inspiring.

There you have it: Thirty disparate crafts featuring or inspired by the American flag. Use these as a place to start your own!