Formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association and becoming the National Football League in 1922, the NFL consists of 32 teams from cities across our great nation. Each team plays 16 games over a 17-week regular season, which begins after Labor Day, before being eliminated or advancing to the playoffs that culminate in the most-watched event of the year—the Super Bowl, which is held the first Sunday in February. With NFL season fast approaching, football fanatics nationwide will be pulling out their team attire, preparing their fantasy football teams and participating in office pools. Now is the time to show your team spirit by purchasing an NFL team flag. Sure, you’ve already got the jersey of your favorite player and the signed ticket from the last game you attended, but what you need is a flag with team colors to show the rest of the world that you’re your team’s biggest fan. NFL Football

NFL Licensing

NFL vendor licensing rules are very strict. Only manufacturers can qualify for an NFL license. The organization will not allow distributors or middlemen to obtain a license. You must meet several criteria and agree to certain rules and regulations before the NFL grants the license:


You need three years minimum experience in the manufacturing business, including demonstrated ability to distribute your products to retailers.

Royalty Guarantee

You must provide a minimum $100,000 security fee to qualify for the license. You must agree to pay this minimum royalty fee every year; in other words, your gross annual sales of NFL licensed merchandise must be enough to cover the fee.

Undergo a Prequalification Exam

You must fill out a vendor application. You must supply detailed information about your finances, ownership, history of the company, and sales records, and submit a business plan specific to how you intend to market and sell NFL merchandise.

Buy Insurance

You must purchase, at a minimum, a $6,000,000 comprehensive commercial liability policy, that includes $3,000,000 liability coverage per occurrence.

Audited Financial Statements

You must provide at least two years of audited financial statements and tax returns.

Where can I buy licensed NFL team flags and pennants?

Licensed NFL flag and pennant manufacturers sell to distributors or direct to stores. Most retailers will clearly state that their flags are officially licensed.

Where should you display your new NFL team flag?

If you live in a house with a porch, your new NFL team flag will make the perfect addition to your home’s exterior décor. For those of you who moved from your hometown but still want to show your home team pride, an NFL flag is the perfect way to do so. Cowboys Flag Being an NFL fan is about more than just lying on your couch on Sundays and watching your team march up and down the field while you eat a plate of nachos. If you want to be the ultimate fan, you need to show your team pride in every aspect of your life.

How many NFL team flags do you need?

Now is the perfect time to buy a licensed NFL flag for your porch, your living room, and your car, and a flag for your front yard. If you’re even more passionate than the average fan, you might even want to buy NFL team flags to pass around to your friends. Family watching american football match on television at home

Which NFL team flag is right for you?

When deciding which NFL team flag to buy, the general rule of thumb is, “Bigger is Better.” If you want to show your team is better than your neighbors’ team, you’re going to have to buy the biggest flag you can. Some fans choose to display their team flag on their front porch by attaching it to a flagpole and letting it hang off their house. Other fans choose to display the flag in a window on the inside of the house, with the team logo facing outward. Many NFL fans like to decorate their dens or basements with their favorite team flag. You can hang it on the wall next to your TV or above the couch you sit on when watching games.

Will your NFL team flag stay at home or travel?

If you’re into tailgating, an NFL team flag is a must. It’s even more important to have an NFL team flag if you’re visiting the opposing team’s stadium to cheer for your team. Whether you’re waving your NFL team flag in the parking lot of the stadium or hanging it next to your TV at home, an NFL team flag will show everyone how serious you are about being a fan.