American flag bunting on balcony loves to see people express their patriotism, whether they go all out or just hang a simple porch flag. In fact, a simple patriotic display can be just as powerful as an elaborate one. A well-made American flag flying alone serves as a powerful symbol of American freedom, and the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect these ideals globally. While we had many stunning photo contest entries, we could only pick three that we thought best showcased the stars and stripes. Without further ado, here are the top three entries, why we choose them – as well as tips for recreating their winning patriotic display.  

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Large american flag in the sunset Large american flag in the sunset

Third Place – Neollouwho3 via Instagram 

The third-place winner's photo showcased the American flag fluttering in the wind against a stunning landscape backdrop, making it a powerful representation of American freedom and the sacrifices made by brave men and women. When we saw this photo, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the spectacular red, gold, and purple colors in the sky paired with the fresh snowfall.  

Items needed:  

Note when flying a large American flag, you need strong halyard rope. We recommend using 3/8” halyard if you are flying your flag on a flagpole that’s 10” or larger at the base.  

Second Place – Kristine Passalacqua via Facebook 

Sometimes a simple yard flag displayed properly is all you need to make an impact. In addition to being well framed and well lit, this picture shows how decorating your home with a flag and some bunting can create an elegant patriotic display.  

When displaying an American flag in your front yard, sometimes less is more. Your flagpole needs to stand out but shouldn’t tower over its surroundings. A 20’ flagpole looks elegant next to most one- to two-story residences and easily flies a 4’x6’ American flag. Consider purchasing the following to recreate the display.  

Items needed:  

American flag in front of house American flag in front of house

First Place – Whitecap_North_Fork via Instagram

Bennington and Betsy Ross flags call back to America’s initial fight for independence while perfectly complimenting this breathtaking historical home. The Bennington flag, pictured on the left, features 13 stars and stripes that symbolize the original 13 colonies that rebelled against Great Britain. The ‘76 in the canton references the year the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.  

The Betsy Ross flag, which hangs vertically from the ceiling, was the first official flag of the United States adopted by Congress on June 14, 1777. You too can own these historical flags when you shop at! 

Items needed:  

It's wonderful to see creative patriotic displays that showcase American pride and history. If anyone wants to own these historical flags or create similar displays, shop online at! Our customer care team can help you select products. Just fill out our contact us form for help shopping!