american flag laid flat Spring can be a very unpredictable season. Regardless of what the forecast says, you can’t know for sure whether it will be windy, hot, snowy or suddenly rainy. If you plan to fly a flag outside your business or home this spring season, you need to know that it was specifically designed to withstand the fickle weather.

The issue with traditional cotton flags

Traditional cotton flags sure look beautiful flying in the wind. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and feature strong headings and heavyweight cotton. While cotton is great, it doesn’t have the longevity of other more durable materials, putting it at higher risk of sun and wind damage and the general effects of the weather. If longevity and value are your key concerns, the best choice is to select a flag manufactured from a man-made, durable fabric that mimics the appearance of traditional cotton.

The hallmarks of a durable flag

Most commercial grade flags are durable enough to handle the wildest weather conditions. When you’re evaluating whether a flag will withstand the season, it is important to consider all these features:
  • Quality grommets or roped heading

The grommet is the circular ring that connects your flag to your flagpole. If you are planning to fly a flag during a difficult season, it is important to ensure your grommets are solid. Quality grommets are made of brass, so make sure you select brass grommets when you choose your next flag. When it comes to larger sizes, flags that exceed 8 x 12 feet use rust-proof roped headings to attach them securely to the flagpole — an important feature when flying huge flags in high-wind conditions.
  • Canvas headings

The grommet or rope and the flag should be anchored with a heading made from solid materials, such as canvas. This provides the flag with the strength to ensure it won’t be damaged in high winds or become weathered through constant rain and sunshine. Quality flags have headings made of canvas, whereas less durable flags are headed with polyester. Look for canvas to ensure extra strength and longevity for your flag.
  • Quality double stitching or locked stitching

A double-stitched flag is much more secure than a single-stitched flag. Single-stitching is a sign of low quality and a common trait of low-cost flags on the market today. The problem with single-stitched flags is they tend to wear out faster, leading to an unsightly tattered look. Ensure your flag maintains a crisp appearance with a minimum of double-stitched seams and hems. When it comes to larger sizes, flags that exceed 8 x 12 feet use locked stitching for additional hem strength.
  • Fabric resistant to wind stress, chemicals and sun degradation

Anything left outside will be subject to weather conditions. Quality flags are designed to handle wind stress, chemical stress and sun degradation. The strongest choice is 200-denier nylon or 2-ply open-weave polyester, which provides strength while working with the wind, not against it. Sun degradation can fade cotton, making polyester, extra-strength polyester or nylon a superior choice for flag-flyers wishing to retain the brightness of their selection.

Superior longevity with traditional appeal

Polyester, extra-strength polyester and nylon deliver the beautiful appearance of cotton without the longevity issues. Let’s look at two best-selling polyester and nylon flags to see how they compare.

Commercial-grade durable polyester

The 6' by 10' Tough-Tex American Flag is clearly a well-designed choice when it comes to outdoor longevity. Created with 2-ply spun polyester, it is a commercial-grade flag — meaning you can trust it will perform even in the toughest conditions. american flag break down With a one-year colorfast guarantee, you can be sure you will have a flag that looks as good as the day you first flew it — or you’ll have it replaced free of charge. The longest-lasting flag ever made, the 6' by 10' Tough-Tex American Flag provides added confidence, with a seal of approval from the U.S. Government.

Proven durability of premium nylon

Similar to the 6' by 10' Tough-Tex American Flag, the 10' by 15' All-American Nylon American Flag is created with high-strength materials. The nylon flag is created from American-made 200-denier nylon that has been treated to prevent sun degradation. american flag sewing break down Unlike other flags, this nylon flag boasts four rows of lock stitching that provide ultimate strength and longevity. The roped heading provides security as well as preventing against rust caused by wet weather conditions. While it is strong, it is light and flies with the beauty of traditional cotton. According to tests, this flag even outlasts other nylon flags by 33 percent, making it the ultimate choice when it comes to durable flags. Similar to the polyester flag, it is backed by a one-year colorfast guarantee, meaning you won’t have to worry about it fading.