Independence Day is all about red, white, and blue. Wearing patriotic jewelry is a sophisticated and subtle way to display your support for our great nation. Don’t own any patriotic jewelry? Don’t worry, there are lots of options. Everything from low-cost, do-it-yourself projects to gorgeous and rare vintage pieces are readily available online. No matter your budget, you can find something special to help you dress up any outfit with a little patriotic touch. While there is plenty to sift through, I wanted to post a few choice pieces here to get you started. american flag made with rhinestones brooch


A lovely brooch is one of my favorite choices for a new piece to celebrate a season, but especially when it comes to Independence Day. I like them the best because they can take on any shape, opening the door to lots of great designs. No matter if you like the big and flashy or sweet and simple, you can always find a brooch for your tastes. A crystal rhinestone flag pin is perfect on a casual top or a fancier cardigan and comes in at a very affordable price. Want to go a little more retro? This adorable patriotic enameled bow pin is for you. While this is not a truly vintage piece, it is inspired by classic design and made affordable by the online store. american military dog tags necklace


A friend of mine has an extensive collection of necklaces. She claims they finish any outfit and insists on having a large variety of colors and designs. Her husband is in the military, and the newest addition is a nine-millimeter bullet casing drop necklace. This not only demonstrates her patriotism but honors her husband and his work. Simplicity is always nice. A plain American Flag heart-shaped necklace, with a silver-colored scalloped frame, makes a simple yet elegant statement of your patriotism and love of country. woman wrapped in american flag


There are lots of beautiful earring styles to show your patriotism on the 4th of July. Try a miniature pair of liberty bells, or maybe 1776 in gold and silver, or, of course, a matching set of American flags. Other types of patriotic pieces include shooting star earrings, evocative of fireworks and celebrations, or perhaps a starburst in red, white and blue.


Rings always make a statement, and this year on the 4th make that statement show your love of country. For those with deep pockets, white diamonds with blue sapphires and red rubies set in a patriotic pattern makes a statement. A coordinating ring such as a miniature flag, starburst, or some other Revolutionary War symbol would look great too.

Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets and bangles can dress up an outfit for an evening out on the town or rock your 4th of July barbecue attire. Something as simple as bangles or slap bracelets in red, white or blue for the beach can show your love for our country. Or, order something special like this fabulous made in America heart shaped flag bangle bracelet to get the conversation started around the grill.

Hair Accessories

There are some great options for fun touches to your hairstyle this time of year. The classic stars and stripes make for some beautiful hair clips. The options are unlimited including gold, silver, beads, or semi-precious gems. Pick-up an adorable Stars and Stripes Headband. Perfect for short or long hair, this will keep the hair out of your eyes while you work the grill or lay out under the sun and look great. If you are so inclined, try decorating the headband yourself with beads or jewels in 4th of July colors or motifs. Maybe you could try little flag barrettes. Barrettes are perfect for little ones or adults, and are a guaranteed hit. Get a matching set for sisters or your mother or daughter.


Looking for something more fun than a fashion statement? Try creating a rhinestone t-shirt or hat with a 4th of July theme to go with the rest of your Independence Day getup. Go all-out by painting your nails with small American flags, wear a hat decorated with small red, white, and blue lights on a hat that blink on and off to match your special jewelry. Accessorize all year long with an American Flag dog tag key chain to show your support for our troops who make us proud to be American.

Final Thoughts

There is lots of patriotic themed jewelry available for all budgets and tastes. Whatever you select, remember this is the time of year to celebrate the birth of our nation and all the freedoms and liberties we enjoy thanks to the Founding Fathers.