If you’re looking for a great way to add a little bit of festive flair to your small-town holiday celebration, there’s no better choice than holiday flags and banners. These flags come in a wide variety of holiday-themed decorations featuring snowmen, Santa, candy canes, winter animals, reindeers, snowflakes, and more. They’re also available with special seasonal messages like “Season’s Greetings” and “Merry Christmas.” In other words, they’re the perfect way to add some warm cheer to your town this year! 's Greetings Holly Flag These flags are a fun choice for decorating Main Street and civic buildings, and they add an extra something special to the atmosphere during Christmas-themed events, including tree-lighting ceremonies and parades. They also make an affordable investment for towns, cities, and townships in search of low-cost, reusable holiday decorations that will endure for season after season. What’s more, holiday flags can be easily switched out throughout the year to display flags celebrating Fourth of July, New Year’s Day, and other official holidays. Before you pick your town holiday décor, make sure to consider the weather. If you live in a winter wonderland where harsh snow, ice, and extreme temps are a concern, then you want to choose all-weather outdoor holiday flags that will stand up to any environment. Ensuring that you purchase lasting holiday flags means you’ll be able to reuse your civic holiday décor year after year. We can help you find the perfect holiday flags for your town’s special event, outfitting you with top-of-the-line American flags for year-round décor.

Choosing Your Design

Since these flags are so easy to swap out, we recommend choosing designs that are holiday-specific instead of season-specific. In other words, fly a Christmas flag for the week or two leading up to the holidays, and then swap it out for a New Year’s flag on Dec. 26th. With that being said, winter flags are also an excellent option for municipalities looking for a non-specific option for celebrating the season. Stock up on holiday flags celebrating Thanksgiving and other winter holidays so you always have festive holiday décor on hand. You can cluster together various holiday flags—Hanukkah flags and Christmas flags, for example—for an ecumenical approach to honor all of your residents. To keep things neutral and festive, winter flags with snow themes are always popular. These are excellent for towns and cities that want a low-maintenance approach, as they can be displayed from December through February. Happy Holidays Flag Peppering these festive flags around your town will help get the entire community in the spirit. They can be placed in community gardens, parks, and other green spaces for a special holiday flair or can be used to decorate the exterior of libraries and other buildings to help usher in the season. The opportunities are truly endless with these super-versatile holiday decorations!

How to Hang Holiday Flags

Holiday flags are generally sold separately from the hanging mechanism. If you’d like to display these flags in the ground outside of your city hall or in a public outdoor space, then you can use affordable garden flag stands. These components are made from durable metal and come in three easy-to-assemble sections so that your staff or volunteers can easily place them around town. They’re easy to add to small gardens and medians and look great when displayed near your town’s sign. If you have flagpoles or posts where you’d like to hang your holiday banners, make sure that you choose banner-style holiday flags with top or side openings that can be easily accommodated on a higher display. While holiday banners come in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs, it’s always a good idea to opt for larger sizes when you’ll be hanging them high up. Note that these types of flags are generally not meant to be used with traditional flagpoles.

American Flags for Municipalities

Boston City Hall in Boston Make sure that you’re prepped and ready to show your patriotic pride during the holidays and year-round with high-quality patriotic décor for your civic environment. Invest in a high-quality, outdoor American flag made of Tough Tex (commercial-grade) or nylon to fly outside your courthouse, city hall, and other municipal buildings to show your love for the red, white, and blue. Just make sure you follow the flag-flying protocol and display it properly. It’s not a bad idea to fly your state’s flag alongside the American flag, either.