Flagpole attached to a home with a flagpole holder for house

Creating a flag display in front of your home is a great way to showcase your pride and patriotism. However, if it’s not installed properly, you risk damaging the flag. 

To ensure your display lasts the test of time, you need to use a high-quality flag holder. Whether you’re a new flag owner or looking to upgrade your setup, this article will show you how to choose the perfect flagpole holder to fly any flag confidently!  

What is a Flagpole Holder Called? 

Flagpole holders for homes have different names depending on the type of display you’re creating. When wall-mounting, the holder is called a bracket, and it secures the flagpole at your desired angle. Brackets are highly versatile, with many models allowing you to adjust your flagpole’s angle and positioning for optimal visibility and presentation. 

A mount is the term used for all other flagpole holders, including in-ground, wall, and vehicle displays. Mounts have specified names depending on the place where you install them, like deck mount, ground mount, and wall mount, for example. 

What are the Different Types of Flagpole Holders for Houses? 

AmericanFlags.com sells various flagpole holders, allowing you to set up a beautiful flag display anywhere. They also protect your flagpole from high winds and ensure it stays secure. 

Multi-position flagpole holder for house attached to a column Multi-position flagpole holder for house attached to a column
Multi-position bracket attached to a column

Adjustable/ Multi-Position Brackets 

Adjustable and multi-position flagpole brackets allow you to adjust the angle of your flagpole, making them highly versatile. They are often crafted from heavy-duty cast aluminum for added strength. You can change the angle of the flagpole mounting brackets to position your flag for different occasions or to catch the wind better. 

Fixed Angle Brackets 

As the name suggests, fixed angle brackets hold the flagpole at a set angle. Fixed angle brackets are less versatile for positioning but offer greater stability. 

Fixed angle brackets are an excellent choice for wall-mount flagpoles. Businesses and cities often use these brackets for permanent and commercial flag displays. You can mount them to the walls with screws or attach them to columns or poles with stainless steel mounting straps

AmericanFlags.com offers commercial-grade aluminum flagpole brackets. These sturdy brackets are 1” in diameter and hold your flag at a perfect 35° angle. They’re perfect for outdoor flags at make a beautiful addition to any home or office. 

Spearhead Flagpole Holders 

When you want to display smaller flags, our spearhead flagpole holder is the ideal choice. It holds any 12” x 18” stick flag, making it ideal for any space. 

Create an unforgettable display and let your creativity run wild. You can fly all five branches of military flags, including the Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. You can also showcase historical flags. Of course, you can’t go wrong flying the U.S. flag; there’s truly no limit to the display you can create. 

Other Flagpole Holders 

AmericanFlags.com is proud to offer the widest selection of high-quality flagpole holders. We have exactly what you need to create a breathtaking flag display for any occasion. Our brackets and mounts hold wooden or metal flagpoles and are crafted from the finest materials like cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. 

Our flag accessories fit a variety of flagpoles, including telescoping flagpoles and indoor flagpoles. They are the perfect way to display the USA flag and let your patriotism shine. 

How to Choose the Right Flagpole Bracket 

Choosing the right flagpole holder for your house is one of the most important parts of creating a durable flag display. The bracket plays a crucial role in your flagpole’s aesthetics and sturdiness. If you don’t know which holder to choose, you could end up picking one that’s either too large or too small. 

If you’ve never purchased hardware for your flag, we recommend starting with a flagpole kit. AmericanFlags.com is proud to sell the following flag kits!  

  • Polished Steel Tint Flagpole Kit: Crafted of quality materials, this flagpole kit includes a 6ft aluminum pole with powder coating, a two-position bracket, two rotating rings, and a silver flagpole topper. Made in U.S.A. 
  • Spinning Pole Accessory Kit: This never-furl spinning pole kit includes a 5 ft aluminum pole, adjustable bracket, and sturdy flagpole fasteners. Meant for use with nylon flags only. 

Do you already own a flagpole and are looking to purchase a bracket? We recommend measuring your flagpole's diameter to avoid choosing one that’s too wide. We make most of our flagpole holders for outdoor use with 6 or 5 ft flagpoles that are 1” in diameter.  

Our friendly Customer Care Representatives are happy to help you if you are unsure which flagpole holder to purchase. 

How High to Mount Your Flagpole Bracket 

When choosing a location to mount your flagpole, select a spot high enough off the ground and away from any objects that could damage your flag. According to the U.S. Flag Code, you should never let an American flag touch the ground. If your flag is brushing against the ground after you've mounted your bracket, then you've placed it too low. It is also important that you avoid mounting it too close to other objects, such as fences or trees. A flag that can snag onto other objects may wear faster from increased friction.  

When hanging your flag indoors, we recommend attaching your bracket to a stud and hanging it out of reach of small children. Our Patriotic Flagpole Holder is the ideal indoor mount in both residential and commercial locations. For more information on hanging your flag, check out our blog post, Where to Hang the U.S. Flag on the Front of Your House

Purchase Flagpole Holders and Other Accessories from AmericanFlags.com 

AmericanFlags.com has the widest selection of flagpole holders and accessories. We only use the finest materials to ensure your flag display looks beautiful for years to come. Contact our Customer Care Team today to learn more.