Is your old flag looking a little old and beat up? Is it past its prime? When your flag is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of the American nation, it’s time to retire it and hang up a new one. With the Fourth of July coming around, you might be thinking about investing in a new flag or purchasing one for the first time to show a little Patriotic pride. Before going out and purchasing a flag, however, it’s important to determine the right American flag for you. Not all flags are created equal, and being an educated buyer can have a lot of benefits. A few things to consider when buying include: Closeup of american flag with folds Fabric: In most cases, nylon is a popular choice of fabric and has many uses. It is light and durable and holds up in most weather conditions. For people who live in areas with severe weather conditions, Tough-Tex Polyester is the best choice. The material is heavier, but it survives longer than Nylon and can tolerate harsher wind climates. Some Tough-Tex flags are fitted with a special weave that makes it look and feel like cotton. These flags tend to last longer than traditional flags. Cotton is a third, more traditional option; however, it is not as durable as Tough-Tex. Colors are warmer on cotton than either nylon or Tough-Tex; however, the Tough-Tex comes close. Quality: When a flag starts to get old, the seams and ends of the flag will begin to show age first. Fraying will become evident along the edges and seams. Color will also begin to fade over time due to the phenomena known as “sun-bleaching”. For a more durable flag, you will want strong seams to reduce the rate of fraying. Place of Origin: Not all American flags are produced in America. If there is no tag stating your flag was made here, it probably wasn’t. Before purchasing your flag, it is important to determine where the flag was made. American-made brands support our economy and are better quality than their foreign-made counterparts. Proper Display: According to the American Legion, no American flags should be flown during inclement weather, with the exception being an all-weather flag. Other display etiquettes can be found online, such as how far to hoist the flag above the ground. The all weather American flag is one of the best flag types out there. These flags are made of nylon, not Tough-Tex, though Tough-Tex is still a viable option for durability. So, why is it important to fly an all weather American flag? Economics: All-weather flags are top-sellers due to their durability and economic advantages. They allow you to show your American pride through rain and shine. These flags last longer and look better over time. Your red and white stripes will remain vibrant longer than your average cotton flags. You’ll save money and continue to support the American economy, not to mention showing off your patriotic pride. Time: If you live in states like Georgia, the weather can be capricious. One minute the weather is bright and shiny, the next it’s pouring rain. If your flag is caught outside during the downpour, you’re either going to have a ruined flag, or you’ll be stuck outside in the rain lowering the flag. Both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) prohibit flying the flag during inclement weather, unless using the all-weather flag. FDNY color guard with flags History: The American flag has been a symbol of our country since its birth. Not only does it act as a symbol of freedom, but it has a unifying effect on citizens. Whether it’s the pledge of allegiance in school or the national anthem being sung at football games, the American flag is a part of our daily lives. It is equated to the country we all love. When representing our country in your front yard, having a flag that can handle all that Mother Nature can throw at it is beneficial. After all, as the national anthem states: “And the rocket’s red glare / the bombs bursting in air / gave proof through the night / that our flag was still there.” the american flag and constitution

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re out to show off some of your Patriotic pride or enjoy the look of the stars and stripes flying in the wind, you can’t go wrong with the all weather American flag. This flag is the best metaphorical bang for your buck, because it is durable and long-lasting.