bald eagle overlay american flag America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave for a reason. The constant advancement of our country is due to the men and women who served our country throughout our nation’s history. The sacrifices that they made help ensure that we can maintain all the freedoms that are part and parcel of American citizenship. Their dedicated service is what make national holidays so important to celebrate. That is why we should all make a special effort of showing our appreciation to the brave men and women who serve this country every day. Here is some great military gear to broadcast your patriotism on important national holidays throughout the year.

Dress It Up

american flag metal cuff When the summer sun is shining, a soft, breezy T-shirt is a perfect option. Since you can easily dress a T-shirt up or down, it is a fail-safe option. If you or a loved one is in a specific branch of the military, expressing your support by wearing the branch seal is a great way to show off your pride. In more formal environments, accenting your ensemble with some patriotic jewelry will keep you supportive and stylish. A beautifully crafted bracelet or a bejeweled necklace highlighting the American flag will show your love of this great country while maintaining elegance and flair.

Fantastic Flags

american flag independence day nyc One of the best ways to express appreciation not only on holidays but year-round is with flags. Whether welcoming your guests to your home on an adorable red, white and blue banner or waving our nation's colors proudly from your stoop, flags are a timeless manner of publicly displaying appreciation. Drape porch railings with traditional-style cloth bunting that features our national colors will allow your home to stand-out with a lovely sense of patriotic style.

Sit with Style

One of the most amazing ways that many cities celebrate the holidays is by staging fantastic air shows. Nothing is more impressing than watching the Blue Angels or any local air force base show off their awe-inspiring airborne skills. Since your eyes will be on the sky, it makes perfect sense to make sure you’re comfortably settled on the ground. Choose seating that reflects your American pride. Pack collapsible chairs emblazoned with the Air Force logo or an American flag and you’ll stay grounded while you enjoy the astonishing feats in the clouds.

Artistic Accents

Making the interior of your home as festive as the exterior will help your guests enjoy a touch of American optimism each time they walk across your threshold. Patriotic signs and plaques are always a welcome addition to any home. The vibrant colors of the flag contain perfect pops of color that draw the eye, and it will let your guests know that you are a proud American. To add decorative flair, you can use a quality, mahogany display case for a flag you may have retired or simply keep a folded flag on your desk or a shelf in your library. For fun holiday barbeques, using a whimsical flag or military-themed table runners is a subtle way of reminding everyone of what the holiday is all about in between delicious drinks and delicacies.

Final Thoughts

While many of us wear or display patriotic gear only on national holidays, there are many people who choose to show their American pride all year long. Just remember, if you fly the American flag, ensure that it is handled properly to show respect for this great land. This year, break out those reds, whites and blues and celebrate our amazing country and the service men and women who fight to keep it great every day!