Thanksgiving has passed, and the holidays are almost here. This means it is prime time for some holiday shopping and festivities with family and friends. For veterans, this is an especially cherished time of year to catch up with loved ones around the dinner table or relax by the fireplace. Family and friends are what kept many veterans going through tough times during their service. Use this holiday season to honor their service with a special military gift. We've scoured the internet to find the perfect gift for the military veteran in your life.

Military Service Medallions and Coin Display

Army Service Medallion These collectible service medallions are an excellent keepsake and a popular holiday gift for veterans. These handcrafted coins are made with meticulous detailing and artistry. For a special touch, purchase a velvet gift bag for each coin. Consider also purchasing this walnut 4-row coin rack to commemorate your gift recipient's service, so they can proudly display their military service medallions. Handmade in the United States, this beautiful case is truly a work of art. Personalize and engrave the coin rack with a brass plate, featuring a special message and your gift recipient's name.

Merica Bourbon

The history of American whiskey was born during the American Revolution and has played a part in our national history over the past centuries. Since its beginnings, it has been refined into a big, bold bourbon. Bourbon is now a part of American culture. Since 1964, even Congress recognizes it as a product distinctive to the United States. Merica Bourbon commemorates bourbon's history in our country, making it the perfect gift for military veterans who associate its taste with freedom. Veterans produce this fabulous bottle of Merica bourbon within the United States, using 100 percent American ingredients. It is a wonderful gift that veterans can share with family and friends to celebrate life's grand moments.

Bullet Bottle Openers

american-flag-bullet-bottle-opener This next gift is also entirely manufactured in the United States and recycles old .50 caliber bullets in the process. These handcrafted bottle openers are made from past fired, military grade .50 caliber casings in a brass finish. It features a sleek black matte finish and a laser-engraved American Flag on its surface. It is a functional yet honorable holiday gift for a veteran.

Wallet That Repurposes Military Supplies

Not only are the founders of the company, Sword & Plough, from military families and veterans themselves, but they donate 10 percent of their company's profits to veteran organizations. Veterans will be proud to own this brown bi-fold wallet and contribute to a company that cares deeply about veteran's needs. This rich leather wallet made by a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran repurposes military material to upcycle it into a unique gift. It is constructed of durable, rich tan leather and features surplus camouflage lining on the inside. It's a fine gift that any veteran is sure to love.

Military Uniform Display Case

military service uniform This next gift is the closest you will come to encasing your veteran's honor, service and pride. Consider this elegant military uniform display case as a memorable holiday gift for a veteran. This beautiful case constructed of mahogany proudly displays a military uniform, jacket or t-shirt. It features a hinged door with a magnetic latch and a sturdy brass hanger to showcase the uniform.

Chocolate Military Tank

If the veteran you know is a chocolate lover, this next gift is ideal. This perfect replica of a military-grade panzer tank is made entirely out of chocolate with immaculate detailing on the wheels, belts and weaponry. Available in dark or milk chocolate options using the finest Belgian chocolate, it has a shelf-life of one year. While delicious, it is a present that looks so good that you might be tempted to display it, rather than eat it. This gift is sure to bring a smile to a veteran's face.

U.S. Army Paracord Survival Bracelet

This handcrafted survival bracelet is made from 550 paracords. It is not only stunning, but in an emergency, it is completely functional. This bracelet is designed to match the muted colors of the U.S. Army but is also available in other colors. It makes an excellent gift for veterans who truly are survivors.

We Salute You Gift Book

Let the veteran in your life know how much they mean to you with a gift book that celebrates their service. Gift books often include thankful notes and humorous sentiments that show appreciation for a veteran’s service. It also includes blank space for you to add your own personal note.