aerial view MLB field Baseball spring training starts in just a few weeks. Why not celebrate the beginning of another year of what has been dubbed America’s favorite pastime by displaying your Major League Baseball (MLB) flag? Show your support for your favorite team. You might even want to erect a World Series flag in anticipation of your team winning the coveted title of Major League Champions in 2018. There is a wide selection of quality MLB flags of assorted sizes and designs available. These officially licensed flags manufactured of quality materials are the perfect way to display your team pride.

Flags and Major League Baseball

Flags and patriotism have long been associated with major league baseball. The official historian of major league base, John Thorn, reports that the first recorded incidence of patriotic fervor shown at a baseball game was in 1862 during a game in Brooklyn. This was at the beginning of the Civil War, and the newspapers reported the band at the game played the Star- Spangled Banner. In 1897, at a game in Philadelphia, the New York Times sports column wrote about how the players marched onto the field to the tune of our national anthem waving the American flag. A Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs game played in 1918 firmly associated flags and pride with baseball forever. During this World Series game, the military band chosen to play throughout the series started off with the Star-Spangled Banner. With the American flag waving over the park, 19,000-plus fans at the game all spontaneously stood up, took their hats off and began to sing. Eventually, during World War II, flags and the National Anthem became a formal part of every MLB game. Flags and patriotism became synonymous with America’s favorite sport.  Over time, teams and promoters began developing team flags, and fans started using them to show support for the home team.

Stars and Stripes Flag

cleveland indians flag Many major league teams have created and licensed stars and stripes flags for fans to display. These flags have the traditional stripes of the American flag, and in the place of the 50 stars, there is the letter or symbol of the MLB team surrounded on two or three sides by stars. These flags are made of very durable fabric with quality stitching that will last a long time. For example, the Cleveland Indians Stars and Stripes flag is 3 feet by 5 feet and can be hung on a flagpole or displayed on your wall.

World Series Flag

world series mets flag Everyone wants their team to make it to the World Series. The MLB has officially licensed World Series flags you can use indoors or outside. The Mets World Series flag has unique graphics with World Series on one side and the Mets baseball symbol on the other. This nylon flag makes a fun way for Mets’ fans to symbolize their pre-season belief in the Mets to win the title again in 2018.

Vertical Flags

1887 pittsburgh pirates flag Many teams, such as the Pittsburg Pirates, have licensed vertical flags you can hang from a pole or on a wall. The Pittsburgh version is 27 inches by 27 inches and has a pole sleeve.

Banner Flag

new york yankees flag Banner flags like the one the New York Yankees use make great Yankee fan gifts. Garden banner flags measure 27 inches by 37 inches and are constructed of machine-washable, quality fabric. The banner has the iconic New York Yankee logo as the prominent feature along with “New York Yankees” at the bottom and a small MLB symbol.

Car Flag

texas rangers car flag Car flags allow you to show your team spirit wherever you drive. These flags come with a clip so that you can attach them to your car or truck window. The Texas Rangers’ version is 11.75 inches by 14 inches wide and has a vinyl pole. The Texas Rangers team symbol is printed on both sides.

Garden Flag

los angeles dodges garden flag Garden flags let your neighbors and any passersby know you are a fervent supporter of your MLB team such as the Los Angeles Dodgers. These flags are specifically made to hang on a garden flagpole or on your wall. Approximately 11 inches by 15 inches, they make attractive symbols of team pride.

American Flag

waving american flag 3D Don’t forget that ultimate symbol of not only team pride but your love of country: the American flag. Baseball and the American spirit go together, and what better way to show your support for your team and the game than by displaying the American flag along with your team’s MLB flag.

Poles and More

Buy the right flagpole for your MLB and American flags. There are many types available made specifically for the version of flag you choose. You can select from a variety of home, porch and deck flags or residential in-ground poles. Commercial wall-mounted and roof flagpoles are available also. Other accessories you might want to consider include halyards and roping, flagpole ornaments and clips and fasteners. Show your support for your favorite MLB team today by displaying your officially licensed team flag!