Not all heroes wear capes. As we speak, our nation is in crisis. Families are suffering and health and essential service workers are on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare professionals, first responders, EMTs, dispatchers, restaurant and grocery workers, pharmacists, gas attendants, janitors, sanitation workers, delivery personnel, truck drivers, and service technicians are working non-stop to ensure that we the people get through one of the worst public health catastrophes to face our nation in modern times. There is little the average American can do to show their support for these heroes other than social distancing and sheltering in place in order to prevent the spread of this insidious virus and lighten their load in the fight against it. Many customers have reached out to us at to see if we offer a symbol of solidarity Americans can display from their homes to show support for these lifesaving workers.  We can now say that we do. The Official US Corona Virus/COVID-19 Awareness and Solidarity Flag has just been introduced. Hanging this flag on your porch, in your yard or at your business sends a message of support to those individuals and families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19, those impacted by the virus, those quarantined, as well as workers and businesses impacted by the crisis. This COVID-19 Awareness Flag also lets potential visitors know that you are COVID-aware and taking all the recommended health precautions, including limiting visitors. As a company founded a month after 9/11, we saw how the American flag - our national symbol of strength and solidarity - brought our communities together and offered comfort and support. This flag is designed to do the same as we battle an historic pandemic. God bless these workers and God Bless the United States of America.