united states army reserve seal The approach of Naval Reserves Day is a call to action for patriots to show their support of this honored corps. The U.S. Naval Reserve, as it is known today, was established on August 29, 1916, as World War I waged its way across the Eastern hemisphere. The brave men and women of the Reserves stand on guard at home, ready to respond when called up during times of national crisis — a duty that now stands at over a century old. Their slogan: Ready then. Ready now. Ready always.


Navy Reservists have served in nearly every armed conflict in which the United States was involved, from World War II to the Korean and Vietnam Wars to Desert Storm to the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the bloody wars that emerged thereafter in that corner of the world. It is the duty of every Navy Reservist to balance their life between the responsibilities of soldier, patriot and civilian. While this may not seem so daunting a task, there is truly nothing braver than an American individual can aspire to be. These men and women are asked to set aside their civilian clothes, their families, their careers when called upon to serve their country — and they do so without hesitation. Therefore, to honor their sacrifice and show respect for their service, Naval Reserves Day is recognized and celebrated annually. navy base black white Today, there are over 60,000 men and women serving in the Navy Reserve. These individuals maintain their military training at all times and support all United States peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions as needed. The Navy Reserve makes up a full quarter of the overall Navy, and each member is trained in the same way and expected to serve in the same way as Active Duty military personnel. Furthermore, anyone between the ages of 18 and 39, who can pass a physical exam and holds a high school diploma, can join the Navy Reserve with or without prior military experience. The Navy Reserve offers its men and women a chance to serve in the military while, at the same time, providing high-class military training that can directly translate to civilian life. united states navy flag

Patriotic Decorations

One way that civilians can honor this day and the service of these men and women is by proudly displaying patriotic symbols in their homes so that the Navy Reserve is remembered and given the respect it is due. AmericanFlags.com offers a wide variety of patriotic goods for each branch of the military as well as the country. Consider a Military-Grade Navy Flag that can flutter proudly in the front yard, reminding everyone to stop and show respect. This flag, made of a heavy-duty polyester and officially licensed by the United States Armed Forces, is long-lasting and durable, able to withstand any amount of extreme weather conditions. This Navy Flag will last long beyond Naval Reservists Day and continue to wave proudly for years to come, just as the Naval Reserve will continue to stand strong for future generations. navy seal roped bracelet For something more portable, look to the U.S. Navy Survival Bracelet, made of 14 feet of military spec paracord. Unique to this bracelet is that it can be unraveled in case of emergency, making it equally fashionable, patriotic and highly useful. These bracelets are unisex and adjustable to can fit any wrist. Like all AmericanFlags.com products, the U.S. Navy Survival Bracelet is made in America, and a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit Veterans’ charities. Support the Navy and support our veterans through this sensible purchase. engraved walnut flag case In memory of a lost family member who was in the Naval Reserve, AmericanFlags.com offers a beautifully crafted, solid walnut flag case with an Heirloom Walnut Finish that comes with its own specific service medallion (the Seal of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard). It also allows for customization in the form of an engraving plate, where the name of a fallen hero can be forever etched into honored memory. This flag case also comes with an insert for hanging that individual's medals of distinction, earned during a lifetime of valued service to this country. Honor a loved one and place their folded flag in this beautifully designed case hand-made in North Carolina for all to see, honor and remember.

Final Thoughts

As Patriotic Americans, it is our duty not only to acknowledge the service of those men and women who are a part of the Armed Forces, but to understand that they are owed respect, honor and support of the civilian sector. By proudly displaying the names and seals of the Navy as Naval Reserve Day quickly approaches, we display our appreciation for the sacrifice of the few in service to the many. Ready then. Ready now. Ready always.