Independence Day is the epitome of summer celebration in America. For the majority of the American population, July Fourth invoke visions of red, white and blue, stars and stripes, cookouts and fireworks. These are quintessential holiday trimmings that make the feel like the celebration of America that it is. Decorating for Independence Day is a fun way to welcome not only the holiday but also the summer season. Many people begin decorating days or weeks in advance and leave the decorations up throughout the season. This décor goes beyond the plastic tablecloth and papier maché stars of days gone by. Today, your Independence Day decorating options can be chic, modern and classy. American flag for Memorial Day

The Flag

The American Flag is a staple decoration if you want to boost your Fourth of July holiday spirit. It represents bravery, democracy and perseverance. Small or large, these decorations make a perfect addition to your Independence Day celebration. Consider placing small parade flags in mason jars around your living space or hanging a full-sized flag outside on your porch to show your patriotism.

Indoor Decorations

Decorating for any holiday, especially Independence Day, can be done easily and stylishly with a few simple touches. Many stores put out affordable holiday décor well in advance of the holiday. Browsing these sections can give you great ideas for how to add a patriotic touch to your indoor living space. * Pillows - Placing red, white or blue pillows in strategic locations around your living space or dining room can be a simple and easy touch. * Scarves - Use light, breezy scarves to make garlands, hang from your mantle or drape over the backs of your chairs. * Jars and candles - These can be fun and are easily put together to provide an intimate and romantic touch to any space. Consider your personal style before deciding on decorations for your celebration. Do you prefer Americana? Clean lines? Romanticism? Keep the style of your home in mind as you search out your patriotic decorations.

Outdoor Decorations

Decorating an outdoor space for your Fourth of July celebration can be exciting and fun. An outdoor space provides lots of unique opportunities. Lanterns, flowers, flags, lights and garden statues can all add a splash of patriotism to whatever you have planned for your Independence Day celebration. American flag in a vibrant flower garden on the fourth of July
  • Flowers

Red, white and blue flowers planted in pots or in the ground are a great option for tasteful, natural decorations. These blooms can be purchased at any home improvement store or even at your local farmers’ market. Paint your pots in red,white and blue or add a miniature flag to each flower pot.
  • Lanterns and Lights

Lanterns and lights can add a fun flare to your evening plans for the summer months. The soft glow gives off an intimate atmosphere that can bring people together no matter your celebration.
  • Garden Decorations

The possibilities are endless when you're talking about decorating your garden for Independence Day. Solar lights, flags, statues and red, white and blue star-shaped stones are all great ways to add a holiday flair to your summer garden.

DIY Projects

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, putting together fun patriotic decorations for your Independence Day celebration can be a delightful endeavor. Determine what types of holiday projects you want to tackle this year. Ideas include ribbon-laced wreaths, floral arrangements and handsewn pillows. Your local craft store can help you pull together a great look for your Independence Day. Whether you're having a small get-together with family or a huge July Fourth barbeque with the entire neighborhood, your DIY projects can be the talk of the evening. USA flag on ice cream

Decorating the Kitchen

Sprucing up your kitchen for the Fourth of July is a great way to add a holiday feel to your everyday tasks. Festive dishware can add flair to your entertaining. Glass pitchers filled with lemonade and paired with patriotic drinking glasses offer a unique summertime feel. Holiday plates, bowls and cloth napkins at the table all give off a patriotic vibe without being flashy or over the top. And while you're decorating your kitchen for the Fourth, don't forget about the patriotic-themed recipes! Strawberries, watermelon and blueberries are a yummy and healthy place to start. Whatever your decorating ideas include for this Fourth of July, you can never go wrong by starting with an old-fashioned American flag. Your patriotic decorations for this Independence Day can turn your holiday festivities into a season-long celebration of summer.