The holidays are a time for families to gather and celebrate the spirit of the season. Typically, this involves the whole family gathering around with hot cocoa in-hand or eating a delicious meal together. For families with active duty service members, the holidays can be a bit more complicated. During this time, military families' holiday spirit can be interrupted by thoughts of greatly missing their loved ones who are on active duty. For these families, their patriotism and great respect for military service are what motivates them throughout the holidays. Deciding what holiday gifts to get military families with active duty service members can be quite challenging. Luckily, we've put together a list to guide you. Here are some of the best patriotic gifts for families with active duty service members to give them plenty of holiday cheer:

Metal U.S. Flag Christmas Ornament

Deluxe Metal U.S. Flag Christmas Ornament This ornament represents everything Americana. Its shining stars and stripes on this metal American flag are sure to brighten any patriot's holiday. Beautifully crafted of fine metal with bright red and blue enamel, this U.S. flag Christmas ornament is certain to be proudly displayed. The ornament's flagpole adds extra dazzle with glistening crystals. This 3" ornament has a red ribbon attached and is ready to hang on the tree in any military family's home.

United States Marine Corp Plush Bear

United States Marine Corp Plush Bear This next gift is perfect for a military family with a young child. This USMC enlisted plush bear will remind a youngster of their loved one who is serving on active military duty. This 20-inch bear is styled in a true United States Marine Corp's uniform, detailed with blue fabric, gold buttons and red trim. His look is finished off with shiny military boots, a dog tag and a USMC signature hat. This incredible gift will honor the family member's service and keep them close to a child who is missing them.

United States Beer Cap Map

Any military family knows that traveling is a way of life. This gift proudly displays all the places they have been in a unique, fun way. This beautiful wood beer cap map lets the family tell where they have been through an American beer story. This gift features a 3-foot-wide American Flag with slots to hold 177 beer or soda caps and makes for an excellent photograph when filled. Caps can be displayed geographically by state or designed to create a personalized work of art. However displayed, this large map of United States is sure to bring lots of fun and holiday cheer, while proudly serving as a patriotic symbol of freedom.

USO Tech to Connect

This is no greater patriotic act than supporting our active duty members and veterans. This next gift does just that. Give the military family you know the gift of connecting with their active duty service member. This is available through the United Service Organization (USO)'s wish book. Tech to Connect is a service that keeps loved ones digitally connected with those in uniform. Through this gift, you provide active duty members with laptops, PCs and routers for technology rooms to help keep families connected during the holidays. It is a meaningful gift that embodies the spirit of the holiday season. Military families are sure to appreciate this gift that serves as a truly patriotic act.

USA Flag Blanket

Cotton USA Flag Afghan Blanket Warm up the holidays for your gift recipient with this triple-layer blanket. Featuring a 4'x6' American flag weaved onto the blanket, this afghan style blanket is made from heavy cotton and is the perfect addition to a patriotic home. Its zippered gift case makes this an ideal gift that offers just the right amount of coziness in time for the holidays. This high-quality blanket is sure to last for many seasons.

American Flag Puzzle

If you are looking for a gift that the whole family can enjoy, look no further. This American flag puzzle has you covered. Crafted from hardwood in Vermont, this 15-piece puzzle is an excellent family activity to enjoy during the holidays. The image of the American flag is displayed brightly and is fade-resistant. Each puzzle comes with a drawstring pouch, making this an attractive and patriotic gift.

Commemorative 24K Declaration of Independence

Gift your recipient a true piece of history with this 24K Declaration of Independence gift set. This set features a 24K gold-covered commemorative replica of the Declaration of Independence that celebrates our nation's beginnings. It also includes four limited-edition, 1976 bicentennial postage stamps and two genuine, uncirculated two-dollar Federal Reserve notes. This gift set is an excellent reminder of the unique freedoms we enjoy in this country. It is sure to be treasured by military families who intimately know why we fight to maintain this country's independence.