Father’s Day is the day we get to show Dad how much he means to us. The day hadn’t been proclaimed officially during World War II, but it became popular nationwide as a day to celebrate and show support for so many fathers serving in the war effort. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Americans celebrated Fathers Day in June regularly just as they did Mother’s Day in May. President Nixon finally signed the proclamation in 1972, creating the official Father’s Day we know today. This year, get your Dad the perfect gift that celebrates his unique and special status. The best gift for any dad is a functional one he can use to solve a problem. Celebrate his special day this year by throwing it back to the original giving patriotic gifts to your loved one. It’s sure to put a smile on his face and yours.

For Every Dad

Consider a keychain that shows his love for country and which is the perfect size to carry in a pocket with a heartfelt card telling him thank you for everything he does for your family. For those who enjoy a cold drink on their special day in June, a keychain that also serves as a bottle opener will hit the spot every time. Add an insulated can koozie in a fun flag print, and you’ll have a home run of a gift. The perfect patriotic flag gift with a purpose is an easy-to-assemble, lighted flag set. It will remind him of your thoughtfulness each time he sees it, and it shows the neighborhood his love of country. Dads are always fixing things, hanging things, and working on projects, especially on the weekends. Help him stay warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer by presenting him with an eco-friendly reusable water bottle with his favorite patriotic image. ed white and blue sneaker A practical and useful gift to wear while he’s tinkering would bring a smile to his face. For the football lover, a football jersey or military gifts supporting his military college of choice to wear during the playoffs is an excellent choice. Even the most serious businessman would love a pair of socks emblazoned with Old Glory, or a high-quality silk tie featuring Lady Liberty. A shirt or hat emblazoned with a bald eagle is appropriate everywhere he goes. For the golfers, a collared shirt made from wicking fabric or a casual belt in a red, white and blue pattern is perfect for the driving range or a full 18 holes. Cadillac with car flag Automobile accessories are always popular gifts for dads. Find American flags on gifts in the forms of a license plate holder or a gear shift knob. Even a durable automobile plaque showing how he supports his country would be a nice addition to his ride. They’re sharp and more professional than an old-school bumper sticker.

A Display of Love

Show your dad that you love him with a beautifully crafted shadow box or coin holder to display mementos from his favorite hobby or perhaps to hold his mementos gathered during his military or some other career. Consider making it yourself. A hand-made Father’s Day gift from a son or daughter always holds special meaning for a dad. His special memorabilia will never go unnoticed again. Having these items displayed will also give him a chance to tell a story for family and friends about something he loves almost as much as you. American Flag set on front porch Another special idea that will surely exceed all his expectations is the gift of a beautifully made flag display: a beautiful tribute to the country he loves that adorns and complements his home, with the ability to stand proudly and weather every storm. Some of these displays even feature illuminating lights, so their flag etiquette is proper, no matter what time of the day or night it may be. Letting the world see his unwavering patriotism could quite possibly be one of the greatest Father’s Day gifts he will ever receive.

Final Thoughts

Dads are the frontline heroes to all sons and daughters. We all want to find that perfect gift to tell him how much he means to us. Finding the perfect gifts for the dads who mean the world to you is somewhat stressful for us all. Besides, how can a single Father’s Day gift possibly thank him enough for all he has done? Truth be told, however, it’s not all about the material items. The underlying meaning and appreciation behind the gift are what means the world to your special guy.