Statue of Abraham Lincoln Chocolates, flowers, and hearts are what people typically think of when discussing potential Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. However, if you have an intellectual old soul in your life that loves all things history related, choose something they will truly appreciate. We’ve scoured the internet to make it easier for you to impress your special someone this holiday. Instead of researching hours on end, or dropping hints to find out what they’d enjoy, check out these fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts that any history fanatic will love.

Historical City Tours

Gettysburg, Washington. D.C, San Antonio, and more. Walking the steps of their ancestors before them will excite any historian. Check out the closest historical city to where you live and plan for a fun-filled day of learning and exploration. Declaration of Independence on American Flag

Copy of the United States Constitution

Those who love history live to abide by the U.S. Constitution. Get them a copy to keep handy whenever they want to reference it. There are many different choices to pick from, such as a leather bound option, a handy reference chart, and more.

History Trivia Game

They’ll love testing their knowledge against others in a good old-fashioned trivia game. From world history to U.S. History and everything in between. You’re sure to find the right game of facts and knowledge to help them learn more about their favorite subject.

Historical Coins

Those who love history will love a coin collection of some of the most famous historical coins. You can find authentic pieces or choose remade ones for a more budget friendly route. A book or case to display their collection makes a nice addition to a historical coin collection.

Pledge of Allegiance Plaque

You can’t go wrong with a gift representing the truth behind the heart of the United States of America. They’ll love to showcase their patriotic side with a decorative plaque showcasing the Pledge of Allegiance. This piece makes a wonderful décor addition to any room of the house.

Unique Quill Pen and Parchment Set

Those who enjoy history will know how sentimental this unique gift is. In the past, letter writing took place with a quill pen on a piece of parchment. They will get the opportunity to write letters and transcripts like the historical figures that came before them.

History Movie or Documentary

No matter how much they think they know about the past, even the most knowledgeable history buffs don’t know everything. They’ll love to learn more about things they weren’t even aware of with a new movie or documentary they haven’t seen before.

American Flag Set

Anyone who loves history will enjoy an American flag set to show off their patriotic side. They can proudly display their love for their country outdoors for all to see. They’ll love the thought you put into this gift. It truly is a glorious, thought-provoking gift.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription to something like history magazine is great for anyone involved with history. They will be able to stay up-to-date on all of the latest historical findings. These magazines also include beautiful photographs that can otherwise be hard to find. Reading glasses resting on map book

History Book

One gift that all history buffs love is knowledge and information. So, why not give it to them in the form of a history book? Books like The Greatest Generation, American Lion, Unbroken, and Flags of our Fathers are all great choices to start with. If you know the historical events or time period they enjoy the most, you can find a book that is more suited to this timeframe or event to allow them to learn more about their favorite piece of history.

Historical Clothing

Every period has its personal style. Clothing trends change, over time, to match the modern era. Even so, it can be cool to bring back some of the most famous options throughout history. Some popular gear consists of World War 2 uniforms such as leather flight jackets or mechanic sweaters, but any clothing can impress if the person is interested in it.

In Closing

Choosing the right Valentine’s Day gift is tricky for anyone, but, when it comes to finding one the history buff in your life will love, it can be downright challenging. Those who love history have a love for their country, as well. If you are looking to get a bit more personal, finding out their favorite decade or historical event can allow you to pinpoint a gift that they’ll love which is truly straight from the heart.