Every family or congregation has its own share of holiday traditions, whether it's gathering for a large meal or decorating the house together. Many of these holiday traditions derive from certain religious backgrounds. Whether you are lighting a menorah this holiday season, holding hands to pray in church or practicing enlightened meditation, religion certainly plays a major role in this celebratory season. This is a wonderful time of year to share these religious traditions with family, friends and neighbors. Part of the beauty of this incredible country is that America represents a unity of many different states and people from different backgrounds and religions. This land of freedom allows its citizens the right to practice their religion of choice proudly, and that is something to be celebrated. Proudly display your religious heritage this holiday by incorporating it into your home decorations, in addition to traditional religious holiday décor. If representing a religious organization, consider mounting a flag or banner at your religious venue, just in time for the holiday celebrations.

Selecting a Quality Flag or Banner

You want to select a flag or banner that will withstand the elements, and allow you to display your commitment to your faith. Consider purchasing from a company like us that supplies flags and banners to faith-based organizations and venues. Consider the location in which you intend to hang the flag or banner. Ensure the item you purchase can withstand the conditions in the area you are displaying it in, especially when hanging it outdoors. Also, consider whether it will be affixed to the wall or mounted on a post. Decide the hardware or grommets required to suit your specific needs. Now you are ready to select a flag that represents your religion.

Christian Flags

The Christian Flag is designed to serve all different sectors of Christianity and is often displayed by Protestant churches. The flag features a white background, with a Latin red cross inside of a blue canton. The red on the flag symbolizes the spilling of Jesus Christ's blood when he climbed Mount Calvary to redeem others of their sins. The white represents purity, and the blue is representative of Jesus' royalty as the true King of Man. There is a wide range of Christian Flags available in several styles and sizes, including smaller, indoor flags that can be assembled within minutes. The Christian Flag

Papal Flags

For those who have visited the Vatican City in Italy or who have watched a special mass with the Pope, the Papal flag is a familiar sight. This flag, also known as the Vatican or Catholic flag, is the flag most commonly used by the pope.

Israel Flags

Similar to the Christian flag, the Israeli flag also features a white background for purity and features a blue star of David on the flag between two solid blue lines. These durable flags are made according to official specifications, ensuring the highest degree of detail when it comes to color and proportion. The outdoor versions of these flags are made from heavyweight nylon and feature large grommets for easy hanging. Israel flag of silk

Episcopal Flags

The Episcopal flag was first adopted in the 1940s and is a variation of the Christian flag. It too features red, white and blue for the blood, purity and royalty. It also features nine crosslets representing the nine dioceses that formed the church. These religious flags are designed to highlight the pride of its parishioners and are available in many sizes and settings. Episcopal Church flag in New York

United Methodist Flags

The United Methodist Flag also features a white background for purity. The flag's symbol of a cross with a double-flame is meant to convey both power and warmth. First created in 1968 by Edward Mikula, the United Methodist Flag is still used today, and now features the words "The United Methodist Church," along with its insignia.

Presbyterian Flags

The Presbyterian flag is made up of many religious symbols. Its top part of the cross is formed by a descending dove, which represents the Holy Spirit and is a symbol of peace. The nearby horizontal area represents a Bible that is open for all to read. The flames on both sides of the flag communicate the importance of the Old Testament and preaching within the church. The triangle featured is representative of the Presbyterian government.

Buddhist Flags

The Buddhist flag is one of the most brightly colored religious flags available. It is meant to reflect the aura of Buddha that can only be achieved once you become enlightened. The flag is also seen as a symbol of peace and religious faith. It is available in many materials, even including fringed and indoor versions.