4th of July Decorations

Independence Day is fast approaching, so be sure your home is ready with high-quality 4th of July decorations from AmericanFlags.com. Our wide selection of traditional and Americana decor is crafted from the highest-quality materials and made in America, so you can display them with pride! We’ve put together a list of seven creative decorating ideas you can use this July 4th that will make Uncle Sam proud and show off your patriotic spirit! 

American flag fan American flag fan

1. Show off Your Patriotism with American Flag Bunting

American Flag bunting is timeless, creating an elevated look with a patriotic twist. Hang them on your fence, draped from your front porch, underneath windows, or anywhere else you want to create a simplistic yet impactful display. Americanflags.com proudly offers a wide selection of bunting that will make your outdoor decor stand apart from the rest. Our products include: 

American Flag Bunting Flags

Our American flag bunting fans are made from extra durable poly/cotton material and include reinforced canvas headers and heavy-duty brass grommets. You’ll love the bold colors and three-size options. Choose between our classic American flag, Patriotic star bunting, welcome bunting, or all-star flag bunting for a unique decor option guaranteed to turn heads. 

Decorative bunting 

Ditch the boring linens and reach for our decorative bunting for your next patriotic party. Crafted from a top-quality poly/cotton fabric blend with two length choices, you can adorn your table, counter, railing, or more with vibrant red, white and blue decor. 

Vintage bunting

Step back in time with our antiqued cotton vintage bunting, complete with five stars and stripes. It’s the ideal addition to farmhouse and colonial decor or anywhere you want to add a bit of whimsy. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate for your Fourth of July party or simply want to fill your home and yard with patriotic decor, our outdoor patriotic decorating kit has everything you need to create a stunning display that shows off your American spirit. 

Decorative bunting through fence Decorative bunting through fence

American flag garland American flag garland

2. Make a Statement with American Flag Garland 

Garland is ideal for creating stunning DIY party decorations and patriotic displays. String it along fences, hang it from the ceiling, use it as wall decor, or drape it above your front door. It is an inexpensive way to show your love for the USA and your excellent decorating skills! Check out our deluxe US flag Garland featuring 8”x12” American flags along 12 feet of durable heading. 

3. Decorate with Windsock Flags 

Windsock flags are quintessentially American, adding whimsy to your home or yard. Hang them from the front porch, railing, or even a tree for an easy and fun backdrop to your firecracker show! At Americanflags.com, we proudly offer the highest quality windsocks made from 200-denier SolarMax commercial-grade nylon and built to last. Each one features the same embroidered sewn stripes and star fields as our full-size American flags in three size options, making them the standout product on the market. 

Windsock flag Windsock flag

Home decorated for 4th of July Home decorated for 4th of July

4. Round off Your Décor with Cotton & Nylon Pulldowns 

Pulldown flags are a quick and easy way to add a splash of patriotism to your home or office. Simply hang them on a wall, door, on your front porch, or anywhere you want to bring a touch of patriotic spirit. We offer weather-resistant pulldowns crafted from heavy Nyl-Glo Nylon and specially treated to resist rain damage, wind, and sun. Choose from three size options in our premium nylon 50-star pulldowns or colonial-style pulldowns

5. Mix and Match Flags with a Spearhead Flag Holder 

Mount one of our ultra-durable spearhead flag holders to your porch wall or any other surface you want to display your American pride. Show your creativity by mixing and matching any 6”x24”, 12”x18”, or 8”x12” flag for the ultimate custom patriotic display. You can even use them to honor the renowned Betsy Ross by adding one of our 8”x12” Betsy Ross stick flags

Spearhead flag holder with Betsy Ross stick flags Spearhead flag holder with Betsy Ross stick flags

Mini American flag in garden Mini American flag in garden

6. Be Creative with Stick Flags

At Americanflags.com, we proudly offer several types of U.S. stick flags which make perfect party supplies for any occasion. Use them around your home to create a patriotic wreath, tabletop display, in your centerpieces, wrapped around candle holders, or flanking your doormat. These high-quality mini flags are also great to use on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or year-round. Here are a few ways you can use your Americanflag.com mini flags: 

  • 4”x6” mini American flags are the perfect handheld flag and make excellent party favors.
  • 8”x12” mini American flags with pointed tips are great for sticking in your Fourth of July wreath, along walkways, or flowerbeds.
  • 12”x18” is the preferred size for cemetery grave markers. 

7. Buy an American Flag!

The 4th of July is the ideal time to buy a new American flag set, and at Americanflags.com, we offer the best selection of high-quality, American-made products on the market. We have hundreds of masterfully crafted, vibrantly-colored flags, including all military branches, religious, sports, customs, and more. Our flag sets are a popular choice for those seeking an all-in-one solution that makes supporting America easy and fun. Some of our most popular options include: 

wall-mounted American flag wall-mounted American flag

Boxed U.S. Flag Kit

Our boxed U.S. flag kit is the perfect addition to any home and contains everything you need to display your American pride. You’ll love the durable natural wood pole and the stunning 2 1/2' X 4' sewn stripes flag; this kit includes everything you need for fast and easy installation. 

Spinning U.S. flag set 

Say goodbye to a twisted flag with our spinning U.S. flag set. Now, you can display your flag with confidence, knowing it’ll look great even on windy days. Includes an ultra-durable no-tangle metal spinning pole, mounting bracket, and top-quality 3” x 5” American flag. 

Telescoping flagpole kit 

Proudly display your American flag with our sturdy telescoping flagpole kit. Featuring a No Drop Posi-Loc® dual-locking system, this kit contains the sturdiest telescopic pole on the market and is 100% American-made. Each kit includes everything needed for the most impressive flag display on the block. 

Celebrate 4th of July with the Most Trusted Name in Flags 

Celebrate this 4th of July with the highest quality FMAA-certified flags from Americanflags.com. Each flag is made in America by expert craftsmen dedicated to creating stunning, durable flags that last the test of time. When quality matters, turn to the most trusted name in American flags and 4th of July decorations; AmericanFlags.com! At Americanflags.com, we value our customers and are dedicated to providing exceptional shopping experiences through expert customer service reps who love helping you choose the decorations that are right for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you need help with anything.