Closeup of ruffled American flag It takes a lot of experience, knowledge and care to make a quality American flag. American flags symbolize patriotism, the constitution, sacrifice and so much more. Flags mean different things to different people, but all agree that it represents our country. Manufacturing a quality American flag requires an understanding of the materials used in the actual manufacturing process. You must know what material will provide the greatest durability based on where it flies, and then manufacture and market the flag accordingly. Most important of all, to produce a quality American flag, a company must have respect and devotion to the flag and our country. Valley Forge Flags has been owned and operated by four generations of the same family. The company has been producing quality American flags of all types for 135 years and has been a respected and trusted provider to the U.S. military, federal buildings, cities, states and individuals during its long history.

Why Valley Forge

Valley Forge does more than simply produce a product. The company has a strong sense of patriotism and values. The Valley Forge corporate philosophy states that all Valley Forge flags must be made entirely by U.S. workers in U.S. manufacturing facilities. The company procures the materials used in its flags from American sources only. The Government specification flag products are made strictly in accordance with United States Code, Title 4, which specifies American flag manufacture parameters. The Valley Forge ethic includes a commitment to educating consumers on proper flag etiquette, including how to properly display a flag, carry a flag, fold a flag and dispose of a flag. Valley Forge is a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers’ Association of America (FMAA), created to promote and educate the public about American flag manufacturers. All Valley Forge flags carry an FMAA certification, ensuring the buyer that the flag they purchased is 100% Made in America.

Where Have Valley Forge Flags Flown

american flag closeup Valley Forge flags flew in many World War II battles, accompanying our brave men and women from the beaches of Normandy to Berlin. Valley Forge also manufactured the U.S. flag of the Pacific Fleet during World War II. After 1945, American soldiers carried Valley Forge flags in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other conflict areas. Valley Forge flags honor fallen American servicemen and other patriots every day. Valley Forge flags draped the coffins of four American Presidents since the 1960s: John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard M. Nixon. Valley Forge American Flags also accompanied our astronauts on Apollo Missions and space shuttle flights. When you choose Valley Forge, you know the company deeply cares for the United States and all our country stands for, and has been a part of this country’s history for over 130 years.

Types of Flags

Valley Forge manufacturers flags for a variety of uses. You can also find different styles and sizes of American flags, depending on your needs. Their employees follow strict guidelines when making each flag, using the exact specifications that the company requires. They sell indoor and outdoor flags, stick flags and flag sets. The designs and materials reflect the durability, high tensile strength and lightweight construction that Valley Forge requires for all its flags.

Flag Materials

There are three primary materials used in manufacturing most flags: cotton and polycotton, polyester or two-ply spun polyester and nylon.


Cotton flags last longest when only used indoors as a banner or perhaps to honor a fallen hero, draped over his or her casket. If you use cotton flags outdoors for extended periods of time, the colors will quickly fade, and the material more easily stains and loses its shape.


Polyester holds up extremely well and makes excellent outdoor flags. This fabric also does not fray as easily or quickly as cotton or nylon.


Use a nylon flag if you live in a humid or wet area of the country. Nylon material sheds water very easily. It has a very bright, shiny appearance and makes your flag stand out when on a flagpole. It also holds up well in breezy or slightly windy weather.


High angle view of happy multi ethnic people holding American flag Valley Forge built a quality reputation during the company’s over 100 years of existence. The Valley Forge brand strives to adhere to a strict code of honor and integrity when involving all things related to the American Flag. The quality manufacture, the 100% American-Made label and the long-standing reputation of Valley Forge makes their flags some of the most sought-after on the market today.