T us-flag-car-window-flag_415_3 he American flag in its current form (50 stars and 13 stripes) has been around since July 4, 1960. In 2007, it became the longest lasting version of the United States flag ever flown. While the American flag is one of the best known and most identifiable images in the world, flags themselves come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and meanings. Best of all, flags can have an amazing impact on your life.

Flags are versatile and can promote your organization or event in a way that no other form of marketing or advertising can. From public image and brand awareness, flags display the confidence you have in your product or service. Why else does every major business or brand utilize flags and banners?

National pride

While not everybody in our country is a patriot, the number of men and women who hold a strong sense of national pride are still the majority of your customers. Proudly displaying the American flag may not seem like much, but it can subconsciously influence your customers in a powerful way. Set yourself apart from your competition by letting everybody know that you are proud to fly the stars and stripes in and out of your establishment.


If you are a retail establishment, interior flags help draw a customer's attention to special products or displays. You can also set the exterior of your building apart with flags and banners that advertise specials or simply draw the eye to other promotions. Car dealerships often have flags on their specially priced vehicles.


Every club has a logo, and that logo belongs on a flag. From the Boy and Girl Scouts to the Rotary or Lions clubs, and the many different veterans’ organizations, if you have meetings and events, you will want to fly your flag with pride. Consider having multiple flags that are specially designed for  meetings, parades, award presentations, and conventions.


Whether it's to support a sports team, a candidate, your state or country, or to promote a message, car flags are certain to get noticed. Due to the conditions that they fly under, car flags should be constructed of the proper material and of a size that will be seen but which will not hinder driving for you or another motorists. All car flags from AmericanFlags.com are 12 inches by 15 inches. They are double-sided, digitally printed on a durable material, and attached to 21-inch car window brackets.


What would golf be without its flags? Most people don't give golf flags a second thought, but the flag that marks each pin needs to come from someplace. AmericanFlags.com not only produces golf flags, but they can customize those flags in any manner you desire. Do you need to promote your new set of clubs, clothing line, or specials at the 19th hole? Golf flags are seen by hundreds to thousands of niche customers each and every day. Adding to the impact of golf flags, golfers must interact with the flag as part of their game, so they are sure to be noticed.


The next time you go into your house of worship, look around at the number of flags that are present. Most religious organizations display the American and state flags, but they also fly the Christian flag, Israeli flag, numerous banners with words of encouragement and faith, and so forth. Many organizations with a global outreach display flags from countries all over the world, reminding their congregants to pray for each and every nation.


When you think pennants and flags, sports should come to mind. After all, what is an auto race without the starting green and final checkered flag? What good is a "pennant race" without a pennant? Sports and flags have a long and distinguished history. Just think of the number of flags, banners, and pennants that get waved at ball games and matches. Next time you are in need of flags for your team, you know where to come for great deals on quality flags.


When achievements are won, they need to be proudly displayed. If you are in need of a large display flag or pennants, look no further. The long-lasting custom designs will meet your needs.

AmerianFlags.com is able to produce one-of-a-kind flags or small to large production runs based on your particular needs. From small table flags to monstrous outdoor flags that can be seen for miles, no flag or order is too large, small, or difficult. The materials are matched perfectly with the flag's intended use, from luxurious 100% bridal quality rayon acetate satin to heavy 200 denier nylon. Best of all, each and every flag is proudly produced right here in the United States.