The American Flag has rallied our nation in times of crisis throughout history. These banners represent the struggle and victory hard won by people wanting to make a new kind of nation. The Stars and Stripes are a priceless symbol of our country's ideals. It has inspired great men and women to amazing deeds, consoled us in times of grief and served as a point of pride for the value we place on freedom and unity. Annin flags are held in the highest regard, due to their quality manufacture. They are selected by consumers again and again because of their durability and performance in extreme weather conditions. Large U.S. Flag Old Glory blowing in a strong wind on a cloudless day

Shared history

The story of Annin Flagmakers is threaded throughout the stories of America. The family business started in 1820 when flags were still primarily a utilitarian object used to identify ships. Alexander Annin opened his small flag-making shop on the New York City waterfront. He supplied flags to the ships bound for ports worldwide. His sons and six generations after carried on the legacy of producing the American symbol. The company’s commitment to excellence has made it ever-present in our nation’s historical moments. Lincoln’s casket was draped with a flag from this small family business, officially founded in 1847. It was an Annin flag that Buzz Aldrin planted on the Moon in 1969. From Iwo Jima to the North Pole to the rubble of the World Trade Center, Americans have flown and saluted U.S. flags made by America’s oldest and largest flag maker for nearly 160 years.

The importance of quality materials

Outdoor flag displays require materials with superior durability and weather-resistance. With so many years of experience, Annin Flagmakers has embraced the best technology of every era to produce long lasting fabrics, inks and a densely embroidered field of stars. The shared vision of the dedicated team of workers is to craft the highest quality product that represents the importance placed on the flag as a symbol of our great country. The expert craftsmanship in each Annin flag is evidenced by the double-needle lockstitch-sewn stripes with four rows on the fly hem. The vivid white stars are densely embroidered for a beautiful presentation. Two strong brass grommets accommodate hanging. Annin flags are made with 100% heavyweight 2-Ply spun woven polyester, which is guaranteed to last twice as long as poly cotton. Spun poly is colorfast and does not wrinkle or change in size when exposed to rain. One hundred percent 2-ply spun woven polyester is also resistant to snow, rain and high winds. Signature Nyl-Glo and Tough Tex U.S. flags are extremely durable. They are well-suited for year-round flag display and high-wind areas. SolarMax® UV resistant fibers and fabrics and Annin’s exclusive SolarGuard protect colors from fading.

Appropriate weaving method

Annin Flags are always made with an open weave, greatly reducing stress on flag material. By reducing the level of stress, the flag can fly for a longer period without looking worn. An open weave reduces flag density while simultaneously allowing greater dye absorption. Annin flags appear vivid even in a light breeze, because the density allows for greater light translucence. american flag in the sky

Preserving powerful colors

To reflect the American flag’s powerful symbolism, Annin Flags always adhere to the regulated color spectrum of “White,” “Old Glory Red” and “Old Glory Blue.” To preserve these patriotic colors for as long as possible, Annin Flags has an in-house research and development team that partners with the art department to monitor and improve dye formulas constantly. Their focus is to identify how to preserve colors in extreme rain and sun.

A thorough inspection process

Annin Flagmakers ensures each flag is up to the highest quality standard by providing a one-year colorfast guarantee. All flags that fade within one year are replaced. All Annin’s American flags are also machine washable and backed by a warranty against material defects and workmanship. Additionally, each flag is independently inspected twice to ensure it meets military specifications. This process ensures flags that are not up to standard are improved or repaired before they are sold to the public.

Home grown employees

Annin Flagmakers seeks to hire the best employees, train them to the highest standards and provide them with quality materials and equipment. A team of over 500 Americans produces all their flags with materials from the USA. The passion and pride that the domestic workforce instills in all stages of production have led Annin Flagmakers to become a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FFMA). Member companies only produce flags in the USA with materials sourced from the USA. happy american soldier reunited with family outside their home

Durability evidenced in popularity

Annin flags are held in the highest regard, due to their high quality. The company’s commitment to excellent materials and manufacturing process makes the product stand out from its competitors. Annin flags are used by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces because of their unmatched durability and performance in all weather conditions. The expert craftsmanship and dedication to consistently improving their technology has led them to be a staple in the important moments in America’s history.