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Anyone who has spent time traveling across the US has probably seen impressively sized American flags. You see them everywhere — at local car dealerships, veteran memorials, and anywhere where people want to show off their love for America. However, only one place can claim to have the largest American flag. Keep reading to learn about the largest American flag displays you can find. While it is unlikely that you will ever own the largest American flag in the world, you can still have the largest flag in your neighborhood when you shop at! 

The World’s Largest American Flag: The Superflag 

In 1981, Ski Demski of Long Beach, California, commissioned the Superflag, the world’s largest American flag. The Superflag is a massive flag measuring 255 x505 ft. It weighs more than 3,000 lbs and requires the help of more than 600 volunteers to transport! Each star is 17 feet high, and the stripes are 20 feet wide. The flag is so huge that it can cover a football field one and a half times.  

In 1996, the flag was displayed over the Hoover Dam to celebrate the Olympics. It took hundreds of volunteers, industrial-grade cables, and several hours to hang the flag over the dam. It received the title of the world’s largest flag by the Guinness Book of World Records. While it has lost the title of the world’s biggest flag, it is still the world’s biggest American flag.  

The Superflag’s impressive size makes it a staple of any patriotic event. Throughout its life, it has been unfurled at iconic events like the Superbowl, the World Series, and more. While the Superflag is not currently on display, interested parties may request to rent the Superflag. The Superflag is featured on’s list of famous American flags

The Tallest Symbol of Freedom: The Acuity Flagpole 

While the flag flying on top of the Acuity flagpole can not claim the title of “World’s Largest American Flag,” it is the world’s largest free-flying American flag. What that means is that it is continuously on display for anyone to visit. It flies on top of a massive 400-foot flagpole. 

The Acuity flagpole, which dubs itself the “World’s Tallest Symbol of Freedom,” stands on the Acuity Insurance campus, right between Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Surrounding the flagpole is a veterans’ memorial featuring the names of 750+ Sheboygan County residents who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.  

As for the flag itself, it measures 70 x140 ft, weighs 250 lbs, and covers nearly 9,800 square feet. It flies for approximately 130 days before it is retired and replaced with a new one.  

Anyone who wishes to see the flag and the memorial can visit the Acuity Campus anytime, though the flag may be stored inside during severe weather. 

However, Neither Flag Will Have Its Title for Much Longer! 

As of July 2023, the Superflag holds the title for the largest American flag, but that is expected to change soon. Worchester Resources has plans to make the tiny town of Columbia Falls, Maine, home to the largest American flag and the tallest flagpole in the world. The project includes a plan to build a flagpole rising 1,776 feet above sea level (taller than the Empire State Building!), a 4,000-seat auditorium, and monument walls with the names of all 24 million US veterans. The expected completion date is July 4, 2026. 

Honorable Mentions is proud to have headquarters in North Carolina and New York! While neither state is home to the largest American flag, both states have impressive displays of patriotism nearby. Here are some quick facts about these other notable large American flags! 

Gastonia, North Carolina Flag 

Erected in 1999, this flag once held the title of the largest free-flying American flag. This flag measures 65 ft x114 ft, weighs 180 lbs, and covers 7,410 square feet. People who want to see this large American flag can drive around Crowder’s Mountain, just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Gastonia.  

George Washington Bridge Flag 

A few days a year, a massive American flag flies over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey. This flag, which is suspended from a cable over the bridge, measures 60 x90 ft and weighs just under 400 lbs. It is unfurled during the following holidays: MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, 9/11, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day.  

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The correct flag size for flagpole The correct flag size for flagpole

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