An American flag makes for the perfect gift, not just during the holidays, but all year round. After all, the 50 stars and 13 stripes of the Star Spangled Banner never go out of style! No matter who you are shopping for - a friend, family member, or loved one, they will always appreciate a way to show off their patriotic spirit with an American flag. Veterans What better way to thank a veteran for their service in defense of the homeland than with the gift of a high-quality American flag? Serving in the armed forces is one of the highest callings a person can answer, and a great way to show your gratitude for their service to the country is with an American flag. Whether a small flag to add to their car, mobility device, or truck, or a larger banner perfect for carrying and waving in parades, the American flag is the ultimate symbol of a veteran's service to their country. New Homeowners If you, or someone you know, just bought a new home, an American flag is a perfect housewarming gift. New homeowners can proudly fly the Star Spangled Banner out front to let everyone in the neighborhood know that a patriot has arrived. With many different pole and mounting designs, there's a perfect American flag for every house, each flag guaranteed to wave bravely all year long. Mounting an American flag outside your home is also a great way to let your friends and family easily identify your new house, as you can tell them the address and add, "It's the one with the big American flag out front". Plus, proudly waving the American flag out front lets the whole world know that you support the country, and everyone who has served in defense of the nation. Young people Many times, older folks tend to think that today's younger generations have no civic pride or interest in their country. Not so! Many children are natural patriots, and would love to have their own American flag to wave and cherish. Buying an American flag is the perfect gift for any youngster, and a great way to start a conversation about the values and ideas that the United States was founded on. Spring for a full-size flag, and you can help a young one learn how to properly fold as well as raise the flag out front every morning and evening. American flags are a great gift for children of all ages, and help instill pride in one's country, sparking a patriotic fire that will last a lifetime. Patriots In some parts, it may not be cool or trendy to admit to being an enthusiastic supporter of America, but there are plenty of budding patriots in the making. Sometimes, the difference between a closet patriot and an openly enthusiastic admirer of the greatest nation on Earth is having an American flag of one's own. By owning the Stars and Stripes, and seeing the powerful red, white and blue symbols can inspire even the most apathetic citizen into becoming a true patriot. And, for anyone who is already openly excited about their love of country and homeland, the American flag is a perfect gift. After all, there's no such thing as a real patriot who owns too many flags! Boat Owners Whether they own a canoe or a 100-foot yacht, every kind of watercraft simply looks better with an American flag. Setting off into the great blue beyond with a gorgeous American flag crisply waving in the breeze will set any mariner's heart to beating faster. Out there on the water, you can let all the other boats know that you're a true blue patriot when you've got a high-quality American flag flying from the main mast. Vexillologists Vexillology is a word derived from Latin that refers to the scientific study of the symbolism, history, and usage of flags. It's also a word that describes people who love flags and know all of the arcane terms for the various parts that make up a flag. More and more people today are becoming interested in flags as a hobby, so why not start off their collection with an excellent American flag? Even the biggest vexillology collection can be enhanced with a big, high-quality Stars and Stripes. Teachers It's a fact of life that many of our finest teachers are severely underpaid, and with reduced school budgets, often find themselves having to finance teaching aids for their students. For any teacher in your life, why not gift them a wonderful, high-quality American flag? Whether permanently mounted in the corner of the classroom or simply used as a teaching aid, every student will love spending their day under the patriotic shadow of the Stars and Stripes. is the world's largest retailer of American Flags and features a full line of patriotic Christmas gifts.