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  1. Maryland flag hanging from historic building

    America is a rich country full of unique holidays that honor many historical events occurring throughout its history. A lesser-known yet highly meaningful example is Maryland Day. Celebrated on March 25th, it serves as a reminder of the determination of early Marylanders and the resourcefulness exhibited by early settlers. 

    Do you want to demonstrate your Maryland state pride? Shop’s large selection of high-quality Maryland

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  2. Grommetted vs. pole sleeve flags

    The many varieties of American flags can be confusing for those who are buying our products for the first time. There are many sizes and styles for sale, each designed to fit different-sized residential flagpoles. You’ve most likely seen flags with both grommets and pole sleeves, and you’re wondering which one works with your pole. Our newest blog breaks down the difference between the two flag finishes so you can choose the one that’s best for you.  

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  3. American flags

    Locally sourced American flags donated to the Presidential Library & Museum ahead of Presidents’ Day

    Long Island, NY. (February 15, 2024) –, a leader in business-to-consumer sales of high-quality American-made flags and patriotic products, is honoring American history by donating dozens of American-made flags to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum ahead of the Presidents’ Day events.

    “It's an honor to be a part of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum's Presidents' Day event,” said Liz Morris, CEO of “Our donations pay tribute to Reagan and other visionary leaders, and we hope to inspire the next generation to embody the ideals that shape our nation.”

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  4. Come and Take It Flag

    The historic Gonzales Flag has recently soared in popularity due to the national debate on gun control vs. gun rights. Originally used in the Lone Star State, this iconic emblem continues to inspire and spark controversy. Despite the current political climate toward the Come and Take It Flag, there’s no denying it is a powerful part of American history. In our latest blog, we will uncover the history and meaning of the Gonzales Flag and its ties to Texas history. 


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  5. An Appeal to Heave Flag Design

    "And where the Body of the People, or any single Man, is deprived of their Right, or is under the Exercise of a power without right, and have no Appeal on Earth, there they have a liberty to appeal to Heaven, whenever they judge the Cause of sufficient moment." - John Locke 

    In the rich tapestry of American history, few symbols carry the profound weight the "An Appeal to Heaven" flag. This iconic emblem, also known as the Pine Tree flag, holds a special place in the hearts of those who cherish American values and the relentless pursuit of liberty. Let's explore the story, symbolism, and enduring significance of this meaningful flag in our nation's history. proudly sells An Appeal to Heaven flags in stock and ready for immediate purchase. 

    Purchase Appeal to Heaven Flag Today 

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  6. U.S. State Flags 2024

    The World's Fair Exposition of 1893 significantly influenced the design of many U.S. state flags. Since then, flags have been symbols of state identity, with each one showcasing the unique topography, history, or culture of its state. 

    Occasionally, a state will adopt a new flag design, seeking to update or modernize the original look, but these changes have been few and far between until recently.  

    On May 11th, Minnesota will debut a new flag design, voted by its citizens and acting as a reflection of the state’s ideals. This move marks a broader trend among states nationwide that are reimagining their flags with updated new designs that accurately represent their citizen’s ideals. Let’s

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  7. American Flag Gifts

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the patriot in your life, nothing beats an American flag. American flag gifts are a keepsake that allows your loved ones to showcase their patriotism and devotion to the U.S.A. Along with displaying American pride, the stars and stripes make beautiful decor in any space, matching all styles and designs. We’ve chosen eight of the best American flag gifts you can give to the special someone in your life. 

    American Flag Gifts for the New (and Old) Homeowner 

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  8. Coins on a grave stone

    If you've ever visited a cemetery, chances are you've seen coins on a headstone. While it may seem strange at first, placing coins on gravestones is a long-standing tradition. Let's take a closer look at the origins of this revered custom and what it means today. 

    Why Do People Leave Coins on a Gravestone? 

    The tradition of leaving mementos on a gravestone is seen throughout history, holding a different meaning within various cultures. For example, in the Jewish religion, a stone is left as a symbol of respect and to indicate the gravesite was visited.  

    For servicemen, the tradition of leaving coins on a headstone dates back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. At the time, it was common practice to place a coin in

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  9. How to Fold an American Flag for Your Display Case

    Flag folding has multiple benefits, from keeping the U.S. flag safe from damage to displaying it for memorial or honorary purposes. While it may seem simple, there is flag etiquette you must follow to ensure it is folded in the proper way. While you may not fold the national flag every day, understanding the process is essential for anyone who proudly flies the stars and stripes. While there are no set rules laid out in the United States flag code for flag folding, let’s take a look at the generally accepted step-by-step process used within the armed forces and during any official flag folding ceremony. 

    How To Fold An American Flag 

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  10. Order of military flags

    Military flags hold a special place in American's hearts. They are a symbol of sacrifice, valor, and national pride. Knowing the proper order of military flags is crucial for any flag display, whether you're a military veteran, family member, or patriotic citizen. In this article, you will learn the correct order of military flags so you can honor the brave service men and women who dedicate their lives to preserving our country's freedom. 

    How to Determine Order of Military Flags  

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  11. Tattered American Flag

    Even the best-made, highest-quality U.S. flag will begin to deteriorate after months of snow, rain, sun, and wind exposure. While our customers experience expanded lifespan on their American flags due to the incredible quality of our products, that doesn’t mean they will last forever. If your flag is in poor condition, it may be time to order a new one.  

    When you fly a dirty or torn American flag, you run the risk of unintentionally disrespecting all the brave men and women who fought for our freedoms along with everything else Old Glory represents. At, we have the largest selection of American-made, high-quality outdoor American flags. Shop our extensive collection today! 

    What is the U.S. Flag Code? 

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  12. Gold Star Mother's Day

    The last Sunday of September marks a day dedicated to the mothers, fathers, and family members of the country’s fallen military service members, fondly called Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day or National Gold Star Mother’s Day. This blog will provide more information for those interested in supporting Gold Star families. 

    Who Are the Gold Star Mothers? 

    The use of stars to indicate that a family member was fighting in a war dates back to World War I. During this time, families would display a flag with a blue star to show that someone they loved was fighting for their country. Soon, flags with multiple stars became common as more family members went to serve in the war. While the exact origins of this tradition are unknown, those who lost loved ones in the line of duty eventually began displaying a gold star

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