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  1. NC Memorial Balloon Festival in Louisburg, NC

    Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to kick back with your family. Still, many people forget the true intent of the holiday: to commemorate the millions of Americans who died serving our country.  

    Former NFL Lineman and First Fruits Farm owner Jason Brown wanted to help families remember the holiday's true purpose. That’s why he started the N.C. Memorial Balloon Festival in 2021. The balloon fest, which takes place May 27–28 (now June 3-4 due to rescheduling) in Louisburg, NC, will give families several opportunities to commemorate fallen soldiers while watching hot air balloons fly through the sky.  

    "We're trying to bring back the remembrance of Memorial Day and to honor all of our heroes and those that have fallen," Jason Brown said. "It's not just an event for community

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  2. stick flags on grave markers

    Memorial Day is a sacred holiday where we honor the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom. Originally observed on May 30th, the Uniform Holiday Act of 1968 changed the date to the last Monday of May. Often confused with Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day is when we honor our fallen soldiers who gave their lives in service to the country. While the American Flag normally flies at the peak of the staff, during this somber holiday, the U.S. flag code states you should fly the flag at half-staff from sunrise to noon in honor of that nation’s fallen before raising it to full staff for the remainder of the day. Let’s look closer at the Memorial Day flag protocol so you can proudly display your American pride!

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  3. Vertical American Flag

    The American flag, known fondly as Old Glory, has long stood as a symbol of freedom, capturing the American spirit and honoring the sacrifices of those who came before. Flying the national flag is an excellent way to display your patriotism and show your love for our great country, but you want to ensure you are following proper flag etiquette when hanging your flag vertically. If you’re ready to add this patriotic symbol to your home, keep reading to find out the proper way to hang your U.S. flag vertically, so everyone passing will see that you are proud to be an American! 

    What is the U.S. Flag Code?  

    The flag code is a series of rules used to ensure the proper care, handling, and display of the American flag. Established on June 22, 1942, by President Roosevelt, the flag code has remained mostly

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  4. Flagpole on someone front yard

    Are you looking for ways to make your home stand out? Maybe you’re tired of your landscaping and are searching for an easy and impactful way to update the look of your home. While planting flowers or adding mulch are pretty, they don’t compare to the beauty of placing an outdoor flagpole in your yard, where you can proudly fly the U.S. flag for all to see. Let’s take a look at how displaying one or more American flags on flagpoles for decoration can give your landscaping a much-needed update. 

    Enhance Your Curb Appeal  

    Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing visitors see, giving the world a glimpse of your personality. Flying the American flag is an excellent way to enhance your curb appeal while embracing your love for our great country. You can use a

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  5. how to keep flag from wrapping around pole

    Displaying a flag from a flagpole at your home is an excellent way to show your pride for your country, favorite sports team, or any other interest. While there’s nothing quite as beautiful as watching your flag wave in the wind, it can quickly begin wrapping around the pole or column when strong winds strike. 

    Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid pesky flag wrapping, which will prolong your flag’s lifespan and keep it looking stunning for years to come. When searching for how to keep your flag from wrapping around its pole, these five solutions will ensure tangle-free enjoyment for years to come!

    Why Flag Tangling Occurs

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  6. Texas Independence Day

    Before joining the United States on December 29, 1845, Texas was its own country for nearly a decade. On March 2nd, Texans come together yearly to celebrate Texas Independence Day. Whether you live in Texas or plan on visiting that week, there are many ways to celebrate Texas’ unique history with your family. Read on to learn more about the history of Texas Independence Day and your different options for celebrating this state holiday! 

    What is the History of Texas Independence? 

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  7. Presidents Day Facts

    Presidents' Day is a federal holiday marked by a three-day weekend honoring the lives of the forty-six Presidents in American history who have dedicated their lives to the service of our country. While every state in the union except Delaware celebrates Presidents' Day, many people are unaware of the holiday’s origins and its role in our modern-day lives. Let’s take a closer look and discover ten fun facts about Presidents' Day you may not have known!

    What is Presidents' Day?

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  8. Martin Luther King JR Accomplishments

    Martin Luther King Jr. is best known as the leader of the civil rights movement, paving the way for equality for men and women of color. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and getting his start as a Baptist minister, King spent his life fighting against segregation and discrimination, spreading a message of hope and acceptance for all, regardless of skin tone. Championing the power of nonviolent protests, Dr. King fought for equal rights for African Americans throughout the nation. While King’s accomplishments are too many to count, let’s take a look at the top seven and how they forever changed the world as we know it. 

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  9. Made in the U.S.A Gift Ideas

    If you’re looking to get your friends and family unique, American-made gifts this holiday season, delivers! Our wide range of products makes the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list. From stocking stuffers and gift sets to patriotic-themed paraphernalia, we have everything you need to make this year one to remember. This gift guide takes the guesswork out of shopping, so you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the magic of the holidays. Let’s take a look at some of the unique gifts you can give to the ones you love most. 

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    best veterans day celebrations american flag illustration Across the nation, citizens of the USA take the time to recognize those who served in our country’s military. Veteran’s Day is our chance to say “thank you” to our former and current soldiers in a public forum.
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  11. Learn About the Newest Military Branch - US Space Force
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    Not all heroes wear capes. As we speak, our nation is in crisis. Families are suffering and health and essential service workers are on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare professionals, first responders, EMTs, dispatchers, restaurant and grocery workers, pharmacists, gas attendants, janitors, sanitation workers, delivery personnel, truck drivers, and service technicians are working non-stop to ensure that we the people get through one of the worst public health catastrophes to face our nation in modern times. There is little the average American can do to show their support for these heroes other than social distancing and sheltering in place in order to prevent the spread of this insidious virus and lighten their load in the fight against it. Many customers have reached out to us at to see if we offer a symbol of solidarity Americans can display from their homes to show support for these lifesaving

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