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American Flags Blog

  1. American Ales: 7 Veteran-Owned Breweries to Support

    glasses of craft beer Supporting veteran-owned businesses is a great way to honor the brave men and women who have served in the United States military. Show your gratitude to U.S. military veterans by supporting these seven awesome veteran-owned breweries.
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  2. What it Takes to Earn an ISO Flag

    businessman waving flag An ISO flag flying proudly outside your business demonstrates to your customers your dedication to best practice. To fly an ISO flag, you’ll first need to get certified. Today, we’re going to talk about what it takes to earn an ISO flag so that you can begin the process.
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  3. Cornhusker Colors: Symbols in the Nebraska State Flag

    nebraska flag waving The flag is one of the most widely recognized and proudly displayed state symbols. The wide open, blue skies over the plains of Nebraska are the perfect backdrop for proud Cornhuskers to fly their state flag.
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  4. 10 Patriots on What the American Flag Means to Them

    closeup grunge american flag America is rated the most patriotic nation in the world, according to the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center. If you were to ask the service members who sacrificed their safety and watched many of their friends lay down their lives what the flag represents and what it means to them, they would probably try to stand or sit up a little taller and tell you it means everything. Here are just a few things veterans and other patriots have had to say throughout America’s rich history about what its flag means to them.
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  5. Unsung Heroes – Moms in the Military

    soldier army children Throughout American history, women have faced discrimination in many forms and facets of their lives. From being denied the right to vote until 1920 to working the same jobs for less pay even today, women have repeatedly faced unique challenges compared to their male counterparts. Military service is no exception.
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  6. 20+ Ideas for Incorporating Patriotism in Your Home School Curriculum

    family holding up american flag One of the greatest aspects of homeschooling is your ability to instill values into your everyday routine. Patriotism is devotion to one’s country, and it perpetuates the idea that your family is part of something greater than themselves. Several home school curriculums have specific resources regarding this topic.
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  7. Historic Flags of the Smithsonian – A Visitor's Guide

    star spangled banner Until the War of 1812, the American flag was generally considered a utilitarian object and didn’t attract the reverence of the general public. Its primary function was to identify ships and forts. Throughout history, the flag has emerged time and again to rally the nation in a time of crisis.
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  8. Fact or Fiction: Familiar Stories About the Founding Fathers and Past Presidents

    historic painting george washington The Founding Fathers are celebrated and, you might say, revered by most Americans. Americans are naturally interested in the founding of the nation whose flag they wave and hearing stories about the men and women responsible its foundation. Because of this, many familiar stories have been told about them. Some of the stories are true, some of them are apocryphal, but which ones are which?
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  9. Contemporary Celebrities Who Volunteer with the USO

    closeup USA military uniform The USO (United Service Organization) is a wonderful program that is focused on helping men and women in the Armed Forces stay connected to family and their country. President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the USO in 1941 to lift the morale of military members while in uniform. The USO is chartered by Congress but relies heavily on private donations to function. Today, there are over 200 USO centers in many countries on every continent.
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  10. Bringing the Past to Life – 18 Engaging American History Lessons

    history class blackboard History has never been one of the most popular topics in school for most students. The thought of needing to memorize a page full of facts and dates is enough to give the shudders to even the most stoic of students. How many times did a history teacher hear, “But why can’t history be fun?”
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