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Episcopal Flags features a wide variety of indoor and outdoor Episcopal flags in several sizes, styles and materials. All are designed to highlight Episcopalian pride and are perfect for any setting or occasion.

Like the Christian flag, the Episcopal flag originated in the United States. Although the Episcopal flag was officially adopted by the Episcopal General Convention at a meeting in Kansas City in 1940, its origin dates to 1918 at the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Diocese of Long Island (home of Mr. William M. Baldwin headed the celebration planning committee and arranged a banner procession representing every parish, the diocese, the diocesan societies, etc. Baldwin noticed that there was no flag for the Episcopal church and decided to design a flag for the church. He presented a small mock-up of his flag design to the General Convention in Kansas City and members asked to see a larger version. Not wanting to postpone a vote on the flag design, Baldwin went out that day and got the fabric he needed to produce a larger version of his Episcopal flag. He sewed the new flag in his hotel room that night and was able to present a full-size version to the Convention the very next day. Baldwin's original flag is now the property of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island.
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