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Flagpole Halyard & Roping

We carry halyard for outdoor flagpoles in several lengths, diameters and colors. You can buy our pre-packaged halyard in fixed lengths or buy halyard by the foot and we will cut it for you. Please note that halyard is not returnable.

How much halyard do I need?
You'll want to get a length of halyard about twice the above-ground height of your flagpole. If your cleat is mounted at eye level, that will give you enough extra for making knots and wrapping the halyard around the cleat.
White Polypropylene Halyard
Reg. Price: $5.99
Bronze Polypropylene Halyard
Reg. Price: $8.99
Silver Polypropylene Halyard
Reg. Price: $8.99
Weather can take its toll on halyard. Replacing your halyard before it breaks makes it easier to replace as you can used the old halyard to pull the new one up the flagpole and back down.
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