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Iowa State Flags

Iowa State Flags

When it’s time to show your Iowa state pride, turn to the number one name in high-quality, durable flags, We take pride in crafting stunningly beautiful and vibrant state and national flags, built to last the test of time. As members of the NFIDA, FMAA, and the BBB, you can trust every American-made flag we manufacture is held to the highest quality standards. In business for over 20 years, our wide range of Iowa state flags are beyond compare. Shop our impressive product range below. 

The Background Of The Iowa Flag 

Iowa was one of the few states that didn’t feel a need to adopt its own flag, believing that after the Civil War, the national flag was sufficient. However, upon a request made by an Iowan Guardsman station along the Mexican border during World War 1, in which he requested an Iowan emblem for the unit to wear, the search for a design began. The Daughters of the American Revolution took the call but were faced with intense headwinds. After much back and forth and backlash from veterans of the time, including those in the organization the Grand Army of the Republic, who believed the creation of a state flag was an injustice to the soldiers who had perished fighting for national unity, a compromise was reached to call the ensign a state banner instead of a state flag. Although an agreement was reached, it would be another four years before it was officially adopted. Finally, after much back and forth between the legislature and members of the DAR, a design by a member of the daughters of the American Revolution Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt a resident of Knoxville, Iowa, was approved by the state legislature on March 29, 1921. 

Iowa State Flag Design 

The state flag of Iowa has a design inspired by the French Tricolors, which flew over the state before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Prior to that time, Iowa was considered Louisiana territory, which had great French influence. There is a field of three tri-colored vertical stripes in blue, white, and red, with white stripe being double the size of the other two. Located within the center white stripe is an American bald eagle holding blue streamers with the state motto inscribed on its length. Mrs. Gebhardt assigned meanings to each color of the vertical stripes with the blue stripe signifying justice, loyalty, and truth, the white stripe symbolizing purity, and the red stripe signifying courage. The three colors are another homage to Iowa’s history, with the publication The Des Moines Register noting the similarities in one of its news articles. According to the Register, the red writing used on the word “Iowa” symbolized the “Iowa soldier [writing] in letters of blood on the white page of history, his unalterable determination to defend the ideals represented by the banner and its wonderful motto.” 

Buy Our Iowa State Flags That Are Made In The USA 

Outdoor Nylon Iowa State Flags 

All of our Iowa state nylon flags meet official specifications making them the first choice of first responders, corporations, schools, and all branches of the US military. Every emblem is crafted with the highest level of accuracy to ensure the color, proportion, and placement are correct. Our Outdoor flags are made from Nyl-Glo, a heavy duty nylon material containing 200 denier bunting. To ensure your flag stays securely in place on top of your flagpole, we use durable canvas headings and large brass grommets, that resist tearing even in heavy winds. Each flag is specially treated to resist weathering and chemical deterioration, ensuring they last the test of time. Perfect for residential and commercial use, every flag includes a one-year colorfast guarantee! 

Indoor Iowa State Flags 

We manufacture our indoor Iowa state flags using 100% nylon taffeta to ensure long-lasting durability. Using premium materials, we’re able to produce a lustrous shine that compliments any decor. Complete with gold fringe flannel lined pole hems, velcro mounting tabs, and heavy duty color matching threads to ensure a seamless design, our Iowa state flags are the most beautiful on the market. The ideal addition to any school, office, business, corporation, lobby, or home, you can place them anywhere you want to show off your Iowa state pride. Although made for indoor use, our high-quality nylon is impressively weatherproof, allowing you to use your flag for outdoor events and parades without worry. They are truly the most versatile flag on the market! 

Iowa Stick Flags 

Our Iowa stick flags make the perfect accessory for any occasion. Printed on silky material, these high-quality mounted flags fit perfectly in your hand, so you can use them for events, parades, school, holidays, and so much more. All four sides are carefully hem-stitched for long-lasting beauty. Mounted on a durable 18-inch black wooden staff with a beautiful golden plastic spear, you can display them with pride. As with all of our flags, each one is crafted in America to the highest quality standards.

FAQs About The State Of Iowa And Its Flags 

1. What Does The Eagle Represent In The Iowa State Flag? 

The bald eagle in the center of the Iowa state flag symbolizes freedom and holds in its beak ribbons containing the state motto. 

2. What Does It Say On The Iowa State Flag? 

The state’s motto, “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” is written on the blue ribbons held by the bald eagle.

3. What Is Iowa Famous For? 

Iowa is famous primarily for the Iowa State Fair, which garners droves of visitors every year. Known as the Hawkeye State, it is also a significant pork and corn producer and has gained notoriety for its political caucuses. 

Questions About Our Iowa Flags?

At we pride ourselves in crafted the highest quality state and national flags, creating a product you can display with confidence. As a woman-owned company, we’ve served our customers for over 20 years, and our team of expert flag industry veterans have over 40 years of experience. We are committed to responsible, professional, and ethical business practices which is why every flag is American-made. As members of the NFIDA, FMAA, and the BBB you can trust your information is safe and secure. Contact us for more information! For the perfect way to display your love of state and country, pair your Iowan flag with one of our premium American flags