Louisiana State Flags

Louisiana State Flags
When you’re looking to display your Louisiana state pride, choose our high-quality American-made flags. As members of the NFIDA, FMAA, and BBB, we’re serious about providing our customers with dependable, long-lasting flags that stand the test of time. We have over 20 years in the business and are used by all segments of the US armed forces, as well as first responders, schools, and corporations across the nation, so you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll receive a Louisiana state flag you can be proud to fly.

The Background Of The Louisiana State Flag 

The flag of the state of Louisiana has undergone many changes over the past hundred and fifty years before settling on the current design. Originally a yellow star sitting atop a red canton with white, blue, and red stripes, the design underwent its first change at the end of the civil war. The official version was adopted on July 1, 1912, and nicknamed the “Pelican Flag,” taking notes from the state seal, which depicted a brown pelican, Louisiana’s state bird. The state legislature voted to use a similar image on the flag, replacing it with a white pelican vulning itself over its chicks. Written below was the phrase union, justice, and confidence inside a white banner. Unfortunately, apart from specifying the bird remain white, no other details regarding the positioning of the pelican, the number of chicks, or any other aspect of the flag were given, which created confusion on how the official ensign should look.  

Over the course of the 19th century, it became common for the state flag to highlight the piety of the pelican by displaying three drops of blood on her chest, making it one of the more gory flags to date. Finally, on November 22, 2010, after years of confusion over the design of the flag, official standardized imagery was introduced, incorporating the original brown pelicans yellow crown; the white version is seen vulning itself to three pelican chicks with the phrase, “Union Justice Confidence” which removed the word “and” found in the original version, written along a banner along the bottom of its nest.

Flag Design 

As a long-standing symbol in Louisiana, it’s no surprise that the pelican was chosen for the design of the Louisiana state flag. Proudly displayed on the coat of arms, the “pelican in her piety” has deep European and Christian symbology. The flag contains a blue field which serves as the backdrop highlighting the bright white used to showcase their purity. Three drops of blood adorn the mother pelican’s breast, symbolizing both self-sacrifice and the Eucharists, where Christ shed his blood to atone for the sins of humankind. Louisiana’s state motto is clearly displayed within a banner below, indicating the ideals the state holds dear.

Interesting Facts About The Louisiana Flag 

While the Louisiana state flag dates back to the beginning of the 1900s, the current flag has only flown for around 12 years. Let’s take a look at some more interesting facts about this unique flag. 

  • The blue field on the flag is actually azure, a shade chosen to highlight the white contrast of the pelican.
  • The official flag design was the result of an eighth grader who noticed their version didn’t contain the three drops of blood. After notifying lawmakers, they voted to adopt the version we know today.
  • The flag of Louisiana has its own pledge of allegiance that is recited when standing before it.
  • The first pelican depicted on the flag was brown, not white.
  • Before settling on the official design, the Louisiana state flag underwent eight different image changes.

Buy Our American-Made Louisiana State Flags 

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Outdoor Louisiana State Flags 

Our outdoor Louisiana state flags are constructed from heavy duty Nyl-Glo nylon, featuring 200 denier bunting, which minimizes chemical deterioration and weathering from the elements. Equipped with large brass grommets secured in a canvas heading, you can trust your flag will fly high for years to come. Our premium nylon state flags are the only ones on the market backed by a one-year colorfast guarantee, so you can enjoy the vivid, brilliant colors with confidence.

Indoor Louisiana State Flags 

Our indoor Louisiana state flags feature deep, rich colors, highlighted by a stunningly luxurious rayon fringe. As with every flag we sell, they are designed to the official state specifications and are perfect for the office, school, church, home, and government facilities. Features include heavy-duty color matching thread for a seamless look, velcro mounting tabs for a secured hold, and premium materials for a lustrous sheen. While made for the indoors, our flags are surprisingly weather-resistant, making them perfect for events and parades. 

Louisiana Stick Flags 

Take your state pride with you wherever you go with our premium stick flags. Printed on high-quality silk-like material and hem stitched on four sides, you can wave our flags all day long. Each one is mounted on an 18-inch black wooden staff featuring a golden plastic spear, allowing you to show your pride in style. 

FAQs About The State Of Louisiana And Its Flags 

1. What Animal Is On The Louisiana Flag? 

There are four pelicans on the Louisiana state flag, including a mother and her three chicks. 

2. What Are 3 Things Louisiana Is Famous For? 

Louisiana is famous for Mardi Gras, held in its capital city New Orleans, its many bayous, and jazz music.

3. What Is The Most Eaten Food In Louisiana? 

Cajun food is the most popular food in Louisiana. 

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