Wyoming State Flags

Wyoming State Flags
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Wyoming State Flag Background 

The state flag of Wyoming was one of the last ratified in the US, becoming official in 1917. The story of its design is unique among other state flags since it’s the product of a competition among members of Wyoming’s Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1916, the DAR held an open competition, encouraging participants to submit a design that would be used on the official state flag. In all, they received 37 entries, choosing a simplistic yet impactful work of art by Verna Keays. For her part, Mrs. Keays received $20, and her drawing of a bison, the official state animal of Wyoming, with the state seal in its center, was officially introduced in 1917.  

It’s interesting to note that while Mrs. Keays’ original bison design faced toward the back of the flag, Grace Raymond Hebard, a teacher at the University of Wyoming and famous suffragist, proposed to turn the mighty creature, having it face the hoist and stand into the wind, as the animals do in the wild. Although this ratification of the original design was never officially accepted by the legislature, it was quickly embraced and used on all subsequent flags. 


Wyoming State Flag Design 

Although simplistic, Verna Keays put much thought into the meaning behind the design and colors that now make up the Wyoming state flag. A red border lines the outer edge of the flag, followed by a white inner border. In the flag’s center, a blue field works to highlight the majestic bison, whose white silhouette is punctuated by the state’s seal at its shoulder.   

In her design, Mrs. Keays used red, white, and blue as an homage to the American flag, but with state-specific meanings for each color. The blue signified justice, faithfulness, and virtue, while the red honored the blood lost by Native Americans in battle. White, a color signifying purity, indicated uprightness and virtue, all characteristics of the great men and women living within the state. 


Interesting Facts About The Wyoming Flag 

Wyoming, the 44th state to enter the Union in 1890, is known for its wide open spaces. It’s no wonder then that its state flag would proudly display the great bison, an animal signifying freedom to roam and explore. Located on the bison’s shoulder, the great seal stands out in blue, with the image of the Greek Goddess Nike, known as the spirit of victory and virility, and both a farmer and miner, honoring the main industries in the state. Additional interesting facts about Wyoming’s ensign include: 


  • The flag may be flown daily, weather permitting.
  • If flown outdoors, it must be flown on a flagpole.
  • The flag must have proper lighting to fly at night.
  • The height of the flagpole must be 2.5x that of the flag. 
  • The official ratio for the Wyoming state flag is 2:3, with the hoist as width and the fly as length.
  • The Greek Goddess Nike is holding a banner reading “equal rights” signifying the Wyoming's state motto, “The Equality State.” 


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Outdoor Nylon Wyoming Flags 

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Indoor Wyoming Flag 

When you want to display your state pride in your home, our indoor Wyoming flags are the perfect addition to any decor. Crafted with premium materials, including heavy-duty color matching thread, velcro mounting tabs, flannel-lined pole threads, and golden rayon fringe, our flags are the perfect addition to churches, schools, offices, and of course, your home! Although created for indoor use, these flags feature impressive weather-resistant materials making them the ideal choice for parades and events. You can’t beat the quality and vivid colors of our American-made flags. 


Wyoming Stick Flags 

Wyoming Stick flags make the perfect addition to any office, school, or home and are perfect for showing your Wyoming state pride. Our stick flags are printed on high-quality silk-like fabric and stitched with care along each side to ensure long-lasting use. Mounted on a black wooden staff with a golden plastic spear, they are ideal for a wide variety of uses. 


FAQ About The State Of Wyoming And Its Flag 


Is Wyoming On The US Flag? 

Yes, as the 44th state, Wyoming is represented on the US flag as one of the 50 stars within the blue field. 


What Is Wyoming Known For? 

Known as the “Equality State” the Wyoming flag signifies the equal rights of all, a sentiment adopted in 1869 when it became the first state to pass a law guaranteeing women the right to hold office and vote. 

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