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Handheld American Flags

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AmericanFlags.com is one of the world's largest suppliers of handheld flags and stick flags. You'll see our stick flags in parades, at ceremonies and in cemeteries across the nation honoring our fallen heroes. We feature only the finest quality American-made stick flags. Beware of online stores selling flags of inferior quality and/or those made in China. Stick with the trusted name in flags - AmericanFlags.com

AmericanFlags.com carries stick flags, handheld flags and grave flags of all sizes from 4" X 6" to 24" X 36". These flags are great for parades, festivals, fairs and for gravemarkers.

Get better quality flags for less by buying direct from AmericanFlags.com.

We sell only American-made US flags that are labeled as such.

Most items in-stock and ready to ship same day.

Transactions are safe and secure at AmericanFlags.com

AmericanFlags.com has superior customer feedback ratings!

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