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Heavy Duty Come and Take It Gonzales Flag

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The Gonzales Flag, originally designed in 1835, is making a comeback today. The flag traces its origins to a minor skirmish, the Battle of Gonzales, during the Texas revolution. The Mexican government had originally given a small cannon to the colony of Gonzales to protect itself against raids by Comanche Indians six years earlier, and during the revolution was attempting to take back the cannon. The people of Gonzales successfully resisted the Mexican troops and created the handmade Gonzales flag to wave during the battle with the Mexicans, sending a message to “Come and Take It.” This image has become a symbol for champions of the Second Amendment and Gun Rights Advocates. Our Gonzales Flag comes in two popular sizes - 2'X3' and 3'X5' and is made of durable military grade nylon with brass grommets.

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