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Stop buying flimsy flag sets; this one will last a lifetime! 

Ideal for light commercial use, this top-of-the-line mounted heavy-duty flagpole kit is all you need. This premium flag set includes a cast aluminum bracket mount, 8’ spinning flagpole with gold ball ornament, and a 4’x6’ deluxe nylon American flag. This flag set is an affordable alternative to expensive, commercially available wall-mounted flagpoles. 

Product Features of the Heavy-Duty Flagpole Kit 

  • The sectional aluminum flagpole is 8’ long and 2” in diameter. 
  • The top half of the locking two-piece pole rotates on ball bearings so that the flag never tangles or wraps around the pole. 
  • The flagpole attaches to the cast aluminum base using two heavy-duty thumb screws. 
  • Sturdy 45-degree bracket suitable for mounting on wooden, concrete, or masonry exterior walls. 
  • Mounting screws are not included as they will vary depending on where you are hanging your heavy-duty flag pole kit. 
  • Premium military-grade nylon 4’x6’ American flag with sewn stripes and embroidered stars. 
  • Two aluminum flag fastener rings to attach the flag. 
  • Gold aluminum ball topper with spindle and hex nut. 

When you don’t want the hassle of digging and installing an in-ground flagpole or the local zoning laws won’t allow one, this wall-mounted heavy-duty US flagpole kit is the way to go.

  • Professional installation is recommended 
  • Do not attach a flag larger or heavier than a 4’x6’ nylon flag 
  • Do not attempt to fly more than one flag at a time 
  • Choose a location for installation where you can easily change the flag 



 The aluminum spinning flagpole is made of two sections. The top piece is 50”x2” with a wall thickness of 0.0436 and spins on ball bearings to have the flag never tangle. The bottom section is 46”x2” with a wall thickness of 0.0436” and fits easily into the 45-degree wall-mount base. The heavy-duty bracket includes two butterfly-style set screws that measure 3/4”x1/4” to hold the pole in safely.  

The 4’x6’ nylon U.S. flag is the best money can buy!  

  • Densely stitched bright embroidered stars on rich blue nylon field.  
  • Stripes of vibrant red and white sewn with extra tough polyester thread, dyed to match the fabric.  
  • Two rows of stitching on top and bottom hems with four rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent tears.  
  • Strong brass grommets set into sturdy canvas header where the flag attaches to the flagpole.  
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.  



Q: Will this sectional flagpole set work on my house? 
A: While this heavy-duty flagpole kit may work on some larger homes, please remember it is a very big flagpole and larger than normal flag. The standard for flying a flag off your porch or garage is a 6’ pole and a 3’x5’ flag. This heavy-duty American flag and flagpole kit contains an 8’ pole and a 4’x6’ flag. 

Q: Do I need a halyard or snap hooks to attach my flag? 
A: No, this heavy-duty U.S. flag and pole kit comes with two aluminum flag fastener rings that tighten to the spinning section of the pole. Take out the thumbscrew, align the brass grommet on the flag with the hole in the fastener, and replace the thumb screw.  

Q: Will my flag tangle with this flagpole? 
A: No, it should not. The top 50” of the pole spins so that the 4’x6’ nylon flag will remain tangle-free. 

Q: What makes this set “heavy duty”? 
A: This aluminum spinning pole is 2” in diameter, 8’ in length to accommodate a 4’x6’ nylon flag, the flag fasteners are aluminum instead of nylon, and the cast aluminum bracket is in one piece at a fixed angle. 

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Why buy from AmericanFlags.com? 

Being one of the few woman-owned flag retail companies in the country, we have had to always strive to be the best. We have over 20 years in business and are proud members of the NIFDA, FMAA, and BBB with an A+ rating. Our customers love us as you can tell by the Trustpilot reviews, and our customer care team is the best in the industry. Some of our company history can be found on our About Us page. If you need to talk to one of our amazing customer care members, you can find them at the chat on the bottom right, the phone at the top, or with our Contact Us form.   

Customer Reviews

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I was a little skeptical when the flag pole & flag arrived because the box was so light. When we took it all out of the box, skepticism was replaced with awe. The pole is huge and so is the flag. Absolutely stunning. Worth every cent.
Heavy duty!
Review by
This flag set is no joke! The pole in very sturdy! Can't recommend it highly enough!
durable and large
Review by
I needed a heavy duty flag and pole set for my barn that would stand out. This works perfectly.
Big and beautiful
Review by
This flag set is the largest I've ever found and the most well made. Most sets are the average 6 ft pole and 3 x 5 ft flag, but this 8 foot pole and 4 x 6 foot flag really make this set stand out!
Pole and flag are super sized!
Review by
This is not your average pole and flag set - it's huge! Looks fantastic on our building! Flag is very well made with embroidery and the pole is extremely strong.
Review by
We purchased this flag set and LOVE it! We wnted something extra durable and extra large and this was perfect!
Well worth the money!
Review by
I purchased this flag set several weeks ago and while it initially seemed like more than I needed for our home, turns out that it's perfect. Found myself buying 2-3 of the cheaper flag sets per year as the brackets broke or the pole bent. That won't happen with this set, that's for sure. Took me less than 20 minutes to install and it looks great. Super-sturdy and worth every cent!

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