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Official 2017 White House Christmas Ornament

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This year's Official White House Christmas ornament is designed to honor our thirty-second president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The 2017 White House ornament measures 3" x 2 3/4" and is crafted from non-tarnishing brass plated with fine nickel and 24-karat gold. It is proudly MADE IN AMERICA and comes nestled in a handsome navy blue gift box.

The 2017 ornament features elements marking the life and public service of President Roosevelt. The eagle cartouche emblazoned on the speaker’s stand at President Roosevelt’s first inauguration, for example, is the inspiration for the ornament's main element. The two flags below have forty-eight stars each, representing the number of states in the union during Roosevelt’s time in office. The shape of the ornament resembles the silhouette of a tabletop radio – similar to those many Americans had in their homes and used to listen to the president’s Fireside Chats. Roosevelt’s beloved dog, Fala, is pictured on the back of the ornament, sitting next to the White House Christmas tree and presents. A white leaf motif accenting the ornament edges is based on exterior stone molding that adorns the White House's north entrance. The four stars near the top of the ornament represent Roosevelt’s historic four terms as president.

This ornament is truly a keepsake to passed down through generations, is a great way to teach children history and the 2017 White House Ornament makes a great gift!

  1. A must have
    I have collected all the White House Christmas ornaments. This one hung proudly on my tree this year and will do so for every Christmas on.

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